Pulpit Rock Sunrise Hike

Photo from Outdoorlife Norway
Experience Preikestolen (Norway’s famous Pulpit Rock) in solitude on this sunrise hiking adventure. Most visitors make their way up to Preikestolen during the day, so an early-morning journey means you’ll have incredible views of Lysefjord all to yourself. You'll start with a drive to the trailhead via the world's longest undersea road tunnel. Then, while wearing headlamps, you’ll make your way up the moderate trail through quiet marshland and forests.

Hiking in the silent pre-dawn light is a unique experience. You may hear critters scurrying through the brush as you reach the Preikestolen plateau just before sunrise. Grab a comfortable spot and enjoy watching the first beams of light pop up over the horizon and illuminate Lysefjord’s steep mountain walls. Take some photos, enjoy a warm beverage, and have a light snack.

Before the first tourist buses arrive at the trailhead, you’ll already be on your way back down. Finish with a late breakfast at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge at the base of the trail.

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