Månafossen Waterfall Hike, Stavanger


Combine Norway's glacier-carved mountains with a hike to the highest waterfall in southwestern Norway and visit some of the region's cultural landmarks. Your excursion begins with a drive into the mountains, passing pastures, meadows, valleys, and fjords as you make your way to the hike's trailhead. The first leg follows a steep and slightly challenging path before meeting a set of wooden stairs and stones, making the hike a bit easier.

At the top, you can enjoy the roar of Månafossen Waterfall, which plunges 300 feet (92 m) into the canyon below. The waterfall's force produces a breezy display of mist and rainbows. Enjoy a break before continuing your hike upstream to the lush valley of Fidjadal. Warm up with a drink and snack as you observe a deserted mountain farm inhabited until 1915. After the break, you'll head back down to the trailhead.

The next part of the journey involves a visit to Byrkjedalstunet, which many describe as a miniature version of Norway. The site includes a charming country hotel, a restaurant serving traditional Norwegian cuisine, and a small-scale candle factory that serves as an outlet for local artisans. Finally, enjoy a bit of time to peruse the town on your own.

Just a few minutes up the road, you'll find Gloppedalsura, which is one of Northern Europe's largest screes. Formed about 10,000 years ago, it consists of a thick layer of huge boulders. Norwegian soldiers used the site as a natural defense barrier during the Nazi invasion in 1940.

Your adventure ends with a stop at the Viking memorial site Swords in Rock, where legend claims that King Harald Fairhair's triumph in battle resulted in Norway becoming one kingdom.

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