Bike Ride on Rallarvegen near Flåm

The Navvies' Road
Enjoy one of the most popular cycling routes in Norway. A bike ride down Navvies’ Road (Rallarvegen) offers iconic Norwegian nature, local culture, and regional history. The route takes about two hours and is great for cyclists of all abilities, although some biking experience is helpful.

You'll start at Café Rallaren, located 2,900 feet (867 m) above sea level at Myrdal Station. Here you'll find the junction of the Flåm Railway and the famous Bergen Line. At Café Rallaren, you can rent bikes, enjoy a local meal, purchase a picnic lunch, and store your luggage.

Your ride ends in the fjord village of Flåm. Spend some time exploring the hamlet and the fjord's shores before catching your transportation back up to Myrdal.

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