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When you visit Tromsø, you'll have the opportunity to partake in various arctic adventures. If you're interested in seeing the aurora borealis from the deck of a ship, enjoying an onboard hot tub, and trying local reindeer stew, then you might like something similar to this four-hour night sailing cruise. You also have the chance to view the aurora borealis on land by participating in an outing like this northern lights adventure, complete with stories of local folklore and a visit to a Sámi shelter to warm up by a bonfire. If you're after a blend of excitement and tradition, consider something similar to this half-day dogsledding excursion through the Norwegian countryside, which presents an opportunity to learn mushing and bond with spirited huskies. 
Northern Lights Sailing Cruise
4 hours
Small group
Embark on a four-hour night cruise in Tromsø, Norway, with chances of witnessing the stunning northern lights. Onboard the yacht, you'll journey into the darkest areas of Tromsø, away from artificial light, increasing your chances of witnessing this enchanting spectacle in all its glory. The...
Tromsø glitters after dark
Northern Lights Adventure in Tromsø
6 hours
Small group
Chase the Northern Lights and capture the beauty of Norway at night. Your hosts commit themselves to find the Aurora Borealis and will drive around in the pursuit of clear skies. Along the way, you'll learn about the science behind the colors and hear stories about local culture, folklore, and...
Reindeer Feeding & Northern Lights Experience near Tromsø
4.5 hours
Group tour
This cultural experience takes you on a quest to find the Northern Lights while feeding a herd of reindeer at a traditional lavvo hut. You'll have plenty of time to interact with the animals, feed them, pet them, and take photos. In addition, your guide will share the Sámi people's stories,...
Sled dogs in Norway
Dogsledding in Tromsø
Dog-sledding in the Norwegian countryside has to be one of the most unique and adventurous activities on earth. Moreover, it's the ideal way to experience the primal majesty of the Arctic terrain. This half-day excursion from the city of Tromsø starts by arriving at a dog-sledding camp where a...
Photo from Brim Explorer
Tromsø Fjord & Wildlife Cruise
4 hours
Small group
Discover the beauty of Tromsøfjord and the area wildlife on this cruise aboard a silent hybrid-electric ship, which minimizes nature disturbances and amplifies your experience. From the fish in the sea to the birds above, you’ll observe different species from inside warm lounges and panoramic...
Photo from Arctic Adventure Tours
Hike with Husky Dogs near Tromsø
4 hours
Small group
Enjoy a hike through the countryside near Tromsø in the company of adorable Huskies and their pups. You can cater this family-friendly activity to your liking, choosing hiking routes that vary from easy to medium. As you walk with a guide, you'll learn about the kennel and what the Huskies do...
Cultural Walk in Tromsø
2.5 hours
Explore beautiful Tromsø, the "Paris of the North," with a local guide. You’ll start within the city’s original borders dating back to 1794, walking from Strandtorget to Skansen. Your guide will share the human history before the city became an official settlement, going back centuries and...
Evening Snowmobiling in Tromsø
7 hours
Small group
Experience the magical evening landscapes of the Arctic while driving a snowmobile through wintry paths. If you're lucky, the Northern Lights will dance above you all evening!  Enjoy driving in pairs with one driver and one passenger per snowmobile and plenty of opportunities to switch places...

Experiences in Tromsø, Norway

Experience the Northern Lights in Norway
Top Northern Lights Experiences in Norway

Chasing the Northern Lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something that draws many travelers to Norway's upper reaches. The country is the perfect setting to spot the colorful aurora borealis. This bucket-list experience can be easily combined with snowshoeing, dogsledding, reindeer feedings, cultural activities, or simply relaxing under the polar night sky.

Discover the unbeatable fjord scenery of Norway
Best Scenic Experiences in Norway

Norway is one of the most scenic countries in the world, with over 60,000 miles of coastline, towering mountain peaks, incredible fjord landscapes, endless islets, and a mix of marine wildlife. So if you're looking for a trip that will take your breath away, Norway is it. Discover the unique beauty of the Arctic Circle, explore the dense forests and tall cliffs of the fjords, and embrace some of the country's famous scenic viewpoints.

Wintry polar dusk in Tromsø
Best Things to Do in Tromsø

Tromsø is Norway's "Gateway to the Arctic," as the city sits above the Arctic Circle and offers easy access to the renowned Lofoten Islands and the country's northernmost reaches. But despite being so remote, the city is a vibrant, lively metropolis, lovingly referred to as the "Paris of the North." Enjoy the annual Bukta open-air music festival or visit one of the famed breweries. Discover the area's wildlife with whale safaris or watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky on a dinner cruise.

Experience the Norwegian scenery with dogsledding
Top Dogsledding Experiences in Norway

Dogsledding is one of those quintessential Norwegian activities that you can enjoy throughout the country's northern reaches in wintertime. From the charming eastern village of Røros to the city of Tromsø or the northern hub of Alta, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this cultural experience. Even in the summer months, you can still hike with the Huskies and learn about their lives outside of winter.

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