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Hike with Husky Dogs near Tromsø


Enjoy a hike through the countryside near Tromsø in the company of adorable Huskies and their pups. You can cater this family-friendly activity to your liking, choosing hiking routes that vary from easy to medium. As you walk with a guide, you'll learn about the kennel and what the Huskies do when not pulling sleds in the winter.

To start, you'll meet several dogs and puppies (you might even meet a new litter, as two are born every summer). The puppies are playful and love attention! Then, you'll pick your hiking buddy, and your host will help adjust the belt and harness. Then set off on an easy stroll, or opt for the medium hike up into the highlands for beautiful views.

After your hike, say goodbye to your faithful friend and relax inside a traditional lavvo hut with warm drinks, such as hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. You're welcome to try a slice of the owner's famous chocolate cake before heading back!

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