Photo from Brim Explorer

Tromsø Fjord & Wildlife Cruise


Discover the beauty of Tromsøfjord and the area wildlife on this cruise aboard a silent hybrid-electric ship, which minimizes nature disturbances and amplifies your experience. From the fish in the sea to the birds above, you’ll observe different species from inside warm lounges and panoramic windows. Enjoy cruising quietly past snow-covered mountains and landmarks such as Tromsø's famous Arctic Cathedral.

You’ll make a stop in a local fishing village and learn about the fishing traditions and life of many Norwegian coastal towns. Explore the fish racks and test your senses with local delicacies.

Onboard the boat, your guides will share stories and knowledge about local culture, history, and nature while on the lookout for wildlife. Common species to see include seals, dolphins, eagles, and other seabirds. With an underwater drone, you can also explore beneath the ocean’s surface.

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