Dogsledding is one of those quintessential Norwegian activities that you can enjoy throughout the country's northern reaches in wintertime. From the charming eastern village of Røros to the city of Tromsø or the northern hub of Alta, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this cultural experience. Even in the summer months, you can still hike with the Huskies and learn about their lives outside of winter.

Getting Oriented

Dogsledding is a popular activity in Norway, as it's a cultural tradition that dates back centuries. In the winter months, much of northern Norway is covered in snow and ice, requiring indigenous tribes and other locals to use dogsledding as a means of transportation. Today, it's one of the best ways to explore deep into the winter wilderness and enjoy the quiet solitude of Norway.

You can enjoy dogsledding anywhere in the northern reaches of the country. Most visitors opt to use Tromsø as a hub or combine the experience with the Northern Lights up in Alta. But you can also join a pack of Huskies through the snow in eastern Norway (like in the charming village of Røros), on the island of Senja, in Lofoten, and more.

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Top Dogsledding Experiences

Dogsledding in Røros

Enjoy a dogsledding excursion through the Arctic scenery.

While enjoying time in the quaint town of Røros, you'll learn a few basic techniques and meet your very enthusiastic fleet of adorable Huskies. Enjoy zipping through the gorgeous snowy countryside, stopping to take photos, and eat a hot picnic lunch. Røros is one of the most charming and picturesque towns in eastern Norway and ideal for dogsledding. Read More 

Dogsledding & Northern Lights Excursion in Alta

Learn how to dogsled before the sunset, then enjoy watching the Northern Lights.

Thanks to its prime location, Alta is one of the most famous areas to enjoy dogsledding and view the Northern Lights. You can easily combine the two with a fun cultural experience. Learn how to dogsled in the snowy countryside, controlling your own pack as you zip across the trails. You'll then relax around a campfire as you watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky. Read More

Hike with Husky Dogs near Tromsø

Enjoy hiking with Husky dogs and their pups in the summer months.

Dogsledding is reserved for the winter months, as you need some snowpack to glide through the landscape. But if you're visiting in the summer months, you don't have to miss out on time with cute Huskies! This summer alternative hike takes you into the wilderness around Tromsø with a pack of Huskies and their pups. Each summer, a new litter is born, so you may even encounter very young pups! After your hike, relax in a traditional lavvo hut with hot drinks and cake. Read More

Dogsledding in Senja

Meet your happy pack of Huskies!

Senja is a gorgeous island and offers some of the most diverse scenery in coastal Norway. One of the best ways to get into the vast wilderness is with a pack of Huskies leading the way. With the help of a professional musher, you'll learn the tricks of dogsledding and lead your crew through the snowy and scenic landscape. Upon your return, enjoy warm drinks and a campfire while you listen to stories from your teacher. Read More

Husky Dog Sledding Workshop in Tromsø

Meet your pack and learn how to mush from a professional.

Learn the ins and outs of dogsledding with a workshop near Tromsø. You'll start with an introduction to the sport, where you'll learn basic techniques and watch demonstrations. After gearing up with winter suits and insulated boots, you'll set off on your snowy adventure. Enjoy fresh Arctic air and incredible scenery while listening to your pack run, bark, and howl with enthusiasm! Upon your return, relax in a traditional lavvo hut with hot drinks, cake, and stories about the kennel, dogs, and the tradition of dogsledding. Read More

How to Create the Perfect Dogsledding Itinerary

Because dogsledding is such a cultural staple and a huge tourism draw, you could easily plan an entire trip with daily dogsledding excursions. Of course, it's best to travel in the winter months, as the time of year certainly dictates this activity! But even in the summer, you can find several idyllic hikes and even trek with Huskies to keep them company in their off-season. 

If you want to focus just on dogsledding, pick a hub like Tromsø or Alta. You can even sled from hut to hut! Otherwise, choose a region or two and combine your time with other activities, like whale watching, snowy hikes, icy fjord cruises, and other fun winter experiences in Norway. If you opt for multiple excursions, plan for at least one week. Read more about how many days to spend in Norway

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