Meet your team of huskies and explore Alta by dog sled

Dogsledding & Northern Lights Excursion in Alta


Enjoy a thrilling dogsledding experience followed by viewing the Northern Lights in the world-famous Alta region. You'll start by meeting an eager team of huskies waiting to take you into the wilderness. Get into your gear and learn how to manage your own dog team. Then, you'll travel into the countryside with your pack and a partner, switching drivers at the halfway point, so everyone learns the ropes. 

After dog sledding, relax and enjoy dinner before the "Northern Lights Watch.” This excursion starts with a briefing about the natural phenomenon and the current conditions before you set off. The area is strategically located in a region that experiences less cloud activity, meaning better chances for colorful skies. Although many Northern Lights excursions move quickly from one place to another, you'll sit back in comfort and relax around a fire with snacks and hot drinks.

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Itineraries with Dogsledding & Northern Lights Excursion in Alta

Norway Dogsledding Adventure - 5 Days

This wintry experience in Norway's Finnmark region starts with a night in Alta before three days of dogsledding in the Arctic wilderness. With the help of a private guide, you'll get to know the huskies by name and drive your own sleigh before falling asleep in cozy cabins—or staying up to search for the Northern Lights.

Luxury Arctic Experience in Alta - 6 Days

The town of Alta lies in Norway's northernmost district, above the Arctic Circle, making it a prime location for winter fun. On this seasonal jaunt, you'll partake in dog-sledding, skiing, and other snow activities with views of mountain plateaus bathed in a brilliant blue light (distinctive to this part of Norway). At night, spend your evenings searching for the Northern Lights from cozy igloo hotels and luxury lavvu tents.

Tromsø & Alta Winter Adventure - 8 Days

Journey deep into Norway's boreal territory on this 8-day winter adventure. Begin in the far northern city of Tromsø, where you'll sled with reindeer during the day and chase the aurora borealis after dark. Continue to Alta (known as "the town of the northern lights") for snowcapped scenery and winter sports in the Arctic wilderness. After skiing, snowshoeing, and dog sledding your way through the wintry landscapes, spend your evenings warming up in the sauna and stargazing in a rustic lodge.