Dogsledding in Røros

Learn to steer a pack of huskies through the Norwegian wilderness
Enjoy an unforgettable trip in the Norwegian mountains with an iconic dogsledding excursion in Røros! With the help of a guide, you'll get acquainted with your equipment, learn a few pointers, and meet an energetic and adorable fleet of huskies. Keep your camera close as you make your way to the heart of this beautiful winter landscape, and enjoy a hot lunch in the countryside. 

When you're back in Røros, enjoy the rest of the afternoon on your own. If you're here in late February, keep an eye out for the traditional winter festival called Rorosmartnan with an outdoor market and musical theater.

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Itineraries with Dogsledding in Røros

Norway Winter Wonderland Tour - 14 Days

Expect uninterrupted snowscapes and Northern Lights sightings on this Arctic adventure. The trip starts in Tromsø, the 'Paris of the North' and your base for several snow activities. Then set sail on the Hurtigruten to the Lofoten Islands before heading to Trondheim, the UNESCO-listed village called Røros, and finally a night in cosmopolitan Oslo.

Oslo to Tromsø Winter Tour -13 Days

Not for the faint of heart, this epic 13-day trip through Norway's wintry north includes a dizzying array of destinations, travel modes, and activities that are highly unique to the Arctic. Start in the capital of Oslo and then take a train to the UNESCO-listed village of Røros. From here, dog sled in the mountains and walk through Trondheim before sailing to the Lofoten Islands. Finish with an overnight cruise to Tromsø for more dog sledding and sophisticated dining options in the 'Paris of the North'.

Ultimate Winter Adventure in Norway's Arctic - 11 Days

Ready for a wintry Northern Norway adventure? On this 11-day itinerary, you'll dogsled in the mountains, visit Røros and Trondheim, and stay overnight at a local farm. Then, take a coastal steamer to the dramatic Lofoten Islands where you'll snorkel with whales (yes, even in winter) and see the Northern Lights by horseback.