Reindeer Feeding & Northern Lights Experience near Tromsø

This cultural experience takes you on a quest to find the Northern Lights while feeding a herd of reindeer at a traditional lavvo hut. You'll have plenty of time to interact with the animals, feed them, pet them, and take photos. In addition, your guide will share the Sámi people's stories, explain how they care for the reindeer, and divulge the secret to surviving the Arctic cold.

To keep warm, you'll enjoy time inside a Sámi tent known as a lavvo hut. Relax with a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while learning more about Scandinavia's indigenous people. Then, together with your guide, you'll enjoy a hot meal while viewing cultural treasures. After dinner, huddle outside and watch the colors of the Northern Lights splash across the sky.

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Itineraries with Reindeer Feeding & Northern Lights Experience near Tromsø

Northern Lights in Norway & Lapland - 6 Days

Pack your warmest winter clothes and head to the far north to experience the beauty and mystery of the Northern Lights and the peaceful communities that bear them witness. Spend your days frolicking in the snow and your nights hunting the aurora borealis from towns and fjords. Start and end the trip in Tromsø, a lively city known for its culture and restaurants.

Northern Norway Winter Adventure - 14 Days

This exciting two-week road trip from late February to early April takes you deep into Norway's boreal territory for unique winter-themed activities and few crowds. Your self-drive tour begins from Tromsø, 'Gateway to the Arctic', where you can ride a cable car, meet reindeer, and chase the Northern Lights after dark. Continue to Alta for some of the oldest rock art in existence today (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and a 3-day dogsledding tour. From here, drive to Karasjok and Europe's northernmost point where you can hike along the stunning North Cape before flying to Oslo for one more night on the town.

Norway Winter Adventure: Bergen, Geilo, Oslo, Aurland, Tromsø, & Alta - 14 Days

In Bergen, you can enjoy a local tour of this cobble-stoned wharf city before taking a scenic train journey to Geilo where you will have a day of skiing. The railway will then take you to Aurland, where you'll have a cruise on Nærøyfjord and then depart to Oslo for two nights on the Flåm Railway before flying to Tromsø. Here, you will chase the northern lights in a sled pulled by reindeers and enjoy an authentic wilderness hunting experience—and you'll then make your way to Alta—where you will discover rock art and stay overnight in the Igloo Hotel.