Cultural Immersion in Rose Valley & Atlas Mountains

Enjoy a day trip to the Berber communities of the Atlas Mountains, passing through El Kelaa Mgouna, the capital of Morocco's famed Rose Valley, along the way. Here the intensely cultivated plots of farmland are bordered by rose bushes, which are used in the cosmetic industry to make rose water and rose oil. In May, a Rose Festival takes place, celebrating the year’s production.

You can make a quick stop at a rose collective to see the process of converting the petals into water and oil and sample some of the products.  

Then continue to the Atlas Mountains to immerse yourself in the region's unique culture, where you'll enjoy an easy walking tour while interacting with local Berber families. The foothills of the mountains offer a green oasis of vegetation, perfect for quaint towns to thrive. These authentic Berber villages offer a wealth of knowledge about the regional culture, traditions, and way of life.
A guide will lead you through the area on an easy walk. Along the way, you'll stop in a few villages to meet with locals. Admire the unique architecture, listen to stories about regional history, partake in fun activities, observe traditional farming techniques, enjoy live entertainment, and more. You'll receive a complete lesson on the Berber people and their lifestyles. 

At lunchtime, join a local family in their traditional house. While enjoying Berber and Moroccan cuisine, learn more about the history of this unique culture and enjoy an authentic tea ceremony.