Visit the Dagger Making Tribe near Boumalne Dades

The Berber community of Morocco is known for many things, including skilled dagger-making. You'll visit the local dagger-making tribe, which has been crafting these goods for centuries. Enjoy a demonstration of how the tribe members make the weapons, which include intricate designs all done by hand.

This local tribe lives near Boumalne Dades and learns how to make daggers when they are children. They use various materials, including silver, camel bones, and many other elements. People used these small swords for protection in the past, but now they wear them with traditional costumes for ceremonies and weddings. In Berber culture, men wear daggers and scarves as symbols of honor. As the culture doesn't put people in jail (because freedom is too precious to them), anyone who commits a crime is no longer allowed to wear scarves and daggers as a sign of being dishonored.

The tribe is Morocco's hub for dagger making, as they supply daggers to all the other tribes throughout the country. Each tribe has a different style, and this one can do it all! Making daggers is the tribe's livelihood and has been for a long time, but the members are also skilled in metalwork and produce goods such as bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry. You'll enjoy a demonstration of how the tribe makes the daggers using specialized equipment, and you can purchase one if you'd like for a price much cheaper than in the souks of Marrakech.

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