Visit Nomadic Families in Cave Homes, Boumalne Dades


In the summer, you can visit nomadic families that live in temporary troglodyte cave homes in the mountains surrounding Boumalne Dades. There are still many nomads living in Morocco, and in the summer, they move up into the hills. In the winter, they mostly stay in the desert. The nomadic families opt for the mountains in the summer because they can live in troglodyte caves built right into the cliffside, where it's cooler. The hills also support their animals with better vegetation.

It's not easy to visit the residents of the cave homes, as they are quite private. However, your host has built a special relationship with one family in particular, and they will happily welcome you into their home. Sit down to sip tea with the family as they tell you a bit about what it's like to live in the mountains as nomads. They'll also introduce you to their animals, which will most likely consist of sheep, goats, donkeys, and, sometimes, dogs.

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