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Explore Morocco's Boumalne Dades with some of kimkim's recommended activities. Embark on a cultural excursion of the Rose Valley and Atlas mountains, passing through El Kelaa Mgouna, where you'll see how rose petals are converted to rose water and rose oil, and then proceed to meet the locals of the Berber communities. Hike through the Atlas mountains, interact with local communities while learning about the regional culture and traditions, and enjoy a traditional Moroccan lunch with a local family. Explore the desert oasis of Boumalne Dades, starting from Kasbah (old town), exploring the Dades Gorge, where you can go trekking, or opt for the Valley of the Roses to learn how petals are rose water and oil. 
Cultural Immersion in Rose Valley & Atlas Mountains
4.5 hours
Enjoy a day trip to the Berber communities of the Atlas Mountains, passing through El Kelaa Mgouna, the capital of Morocco's famed Rose Valley, along the way. Here the intensely cultivated plots of farmland are bordered by rose bushes, which are used in the cosmetic industry to make rose water...
Hiking & Cultural Immersion in the Atlas Mountains
Small group
Immerse yourself in the unique culture of the Atlas Mountains, where you'll enjoy an easy hike while interacting with local Berber families. The foothills of the mountains offer a green oasis of vegetation, perfect for quaint towns to thrive. These authentic Berber villages offer a wealth of...
Explore the Desert Oasis of Boumalne Dades
3 hours
Self guided
Explore the historic and scenic desert community of Boumalne Dades. "Boumalene" comes from Bou l’Male, which means "a place of business and trade." The area has a history of trading cattle, using the Dades River to grow grass, fruits, and vegetables. Start by wandering through the Kasbah (old...
Explore the Traveling Market in Boumalne Dades
Self guided
Visit the local open-air market in Boumalne Dades and observe how the locals shop. Once every week on Wednesdays, locals descend on the market to buy vegetables, fruit, and other products, which they then take home to make traditional couscous dishes. It's standard to stock up on everything one...
Visit Nomadic Families in Cave Homes
In the summer, you can visit nomadic families that live in temporary troglodyte cave homes in the mountains surrounding Boumalne Dades. There are still many nomads living in Morocco, and in the summer, they move up into the hills. In the winter, they mostly stay in the desert. The nomadic...
Rosewater Workshop in Boumalne Dades
If you're traveling to Morocco in the spring, you can visit the famous Rose Valley near Boumalne Dades for two cultural experiences: a traditional ftour (second breakfast) in the rose fields and a rosewater workshop. Enjoy picking the flowers and observing the process of creating the rose water...
Visit the Dagger Making Tribe near Boumalne Dades
The Berber community of Morocco is known for many things, including skilled dagger-making. You'll visit the local dagger-making tribe, which has been crafting these goods for centuries. Enjoy a demonstration of how the tribe members make the weapons, which include intricate designs all done by...

Experiences in Boumalne Dades, Morocco

The countryside near Boumalne Dades
Best Things to Do in Boumalne Dades

Boumalne Dades sits in the Dades Valley, a region home to some of the most scenic landscapes in Morocco. The Dades River creates an agricultural oasis, including the country's famed Rose Valley (known for its centuries of producing rose oil and rosewater). You'll also find this desert scene lined with kasbahs and steeped in cultural traditions like dagger making, several buzzy markets, and even nomadic tribes that move from the deserts to the mountains every summer.

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