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Browse through kimkim's handpicked list of activities in Essaouira. Enjoy wine tasting at Domaine Val d'Argan where you'll enjoy a tour of the vineyard, learning about the grapes' origins, before wine tasting followed by a delicious lunch featuring local cuisine on the patio. Go on a horseback riding adventure on the beach and learn basic techniques before taking the journey and enjoying the scenery. Take a kitesurfing lesson in Essaouira and join locals on the city's most popular sports at Sidi Kaouki Beach, with the chance to have a traditional Moroccan lunch at a local restaurant. 
Wine Tasting at Domaine Val d'Argan near Essaouira
3.5 hours
Explore the world of Moroccan wine with a wine-tasting tour just outside Essaouira. At the Val d'Argan Winery, you'll find the French winemaker Charles Melia and his beautiful vineyards—a relaxing setting and an ideal lunch spot. Upon arrival, you'll enjoy a tour of the vineyards and impressive...
Horseback Riding on the Beach in Essaouira
Embrace the tranquility of Essaouira with a serene horseback riding excursion on the beach. After meeting with your guide, you'll learn a few basic techniques and get acquainted with your animal. Then, as you trot along Essaouira's long stretch of sand, enjoy the ocean breeze and smell of the...
Kitesurfing Lesson in Essaouira
2 hours
Join the locals of Essaouira and learn one of the city's most popular sports: kitesurfing. The coast of Essaouira is ideal for any surfing, thanks to the winds that never seem to cease along its bay. The area attracts kitesurfers, windsurfers, and wave surfers from across the world.Enjoy a...
Essaouira's 18th-century Skala de la Kasbah
Explore Essaouira
Self guided
Enjoy a leisurely exploration of Essaouira, a small city on the Atlantic coast known for its historic Medina (old town) and well-designed layout. The city has a long history of different influences, including indigenous Berbers, Phoenicians, and Romans. The Portuguese occupied the city from the...
Cooking class Essaouira Madada
Morning Cooking Class in Essaouira
Discover Morocco's incredible and flavorful cuisine with a cooking class at a traditional riad (house with a garden/courtyard) in Essaouira. Together with a local chef and culinary enthusiast, you'll learn how to prepare one of Morocco's most popular and authentic dishes: tagine. This dish is...
Quad/ATV Adventure in Essaouira
Embrace the buzzy beach scenes of Essaouira with a Quad/ATV adventure on the coast. You'll also explore the area's inland and shrubby surroundings. After meeting with a guide, learn a few basic techniques and get acquainted with your equipment. After practicing a bit, you'll head out along the...
Seafood Lunch on the Wharf in Essaouira
If you are a seafood fan, there's no better place in Morocco to enjoy a fresh and locally caught lunch than Essaouira. The city's wharf is always buzzing with energy, from anglers returning from the sea, vendors selling their goods, people enjoying a meal, and seagulls trying to catch the...

Experiences in Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco
Unique Cultural Experiences in Morocco

Morocco's distinct and authentic culture (unchanged in many ways) is perhaps the primary reason to explore the country. You'll find traditional villages that still live today as they have throughout history. Cities like Casablanca and Chefchaouen lift the veil and let you see the way locals live day-to-day. Visit small towns and Berber villages in the mountains, peruse artisan collectives, and get off the beaten path to discover Morocco's incredible countryside.

Trek through Morocco's Mountains
Top Active Experiences in Morocco

Morocco is an ideal destination for active travelers and adventure seekers, offering unique experiences, like kitesurfing in Essaouira, riding horses through the desert, climbing Northern Africa's tallest peak, and carp fishing alongside the locals. With diverse outdoor environments, you'll find nearly every activity in Morocco. From the top of the Atlas Mountains to the bottom of river gorges and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the country is an ideal location for adventures!

Explore Morocco with the Entire Family
Top Family Experiences in Morocco

Morocco is an exciting destination for families, with endless excursions in nature, days at the beach, cultural activities, and more! Kids and parents alike love wandering the bustling medinas, searching for spice towers and wooden keepsakes, or spending the day walking through the Atlas Mountains and chatting with local families. Embrace experiences for all ages by riding horses or camels through the desert, discovering waterfalls and natural pools, and tasting delicious Moroccan cuisine.

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