Morocco is an exciting destination for families, with endless excursions in nature, days at the beach, cultural activities, and more! Kids and parents alike love wandering the bustling medinas, searching for spice towers and wooden keepsakes, or spending the day walking through the Atlas Mountains and chatting with local families. Embrace experiences for all ages by riding horses or camels through the desert, discovering waterfalls and natural pools, and tasting delicious Moroccan cuisine.

Getting Oriented

Explore the bright and colorful shops in historic Medinas.

Morocco is full of activities and excursions appropriate for families of all ages. Whether you and your kids want to discover the towering dunes of Erg Chebbi atop a camel or ride horses along the beach, there's always something to see and do. Popular activities include exploring the Rif Mountains and the Atlas Mountains, full of pools for swimming, waterfalls, and unique villages. Meet with local families and watch your kids become quick friends!

Other excursions include navigating the eclectic streets of city medinas, passing the time on the beach, fishing in lakes, and spending the night in a desert camp with traditional music, a campfire, and stargazing. Read more about the different regions of Morocco and some of the country's highlights, and discover all the kid-friendly activities you can enjoy!  

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Things to Do with Your Family

Not only is Morocco a family-friendly destination, but it also offers unique experiences that will open your kids' eyes to the world. Discover the desert, hike to waterfalls, and meet local families in traditional villages.

Cultural Family Day in the Atlas Mountains

Kids love riding the mules up into the Atlas Mountains!

Expand your cultural experience in Morocco and take your family up into the High Atlas Mountains on a mule ride! Kids love meeting the animals and riding them up the trails. You'll enjoy exceptional views of the region's landscapes from several vantage points while learning about the daily lives of the rural villagers. Start in the small town of Imlil and make your way to a traditional Berber village, where you'll enjoy lunch with a local family. Read More

Day Trip & Hike to Paradise Valley

Sunbathe on the rocks or jump into the swimming pools of Paradise Valley oasis.

Discover a green and turquoise oasis in the middle of the desert: the waterfalls and swimming pools in Paradise Valley. These deep pools set amongst red rocks, green forests, and the Anti-Atlas Mountains are the perfect family-friendly nature escape. After an easy 20-minute hike, you'll reach the natural pools and enjoy time swimming, sunbathing, and cliff jumping! Read More

Horseback Riding on the Beach in Essaouira

Ride along the scenic coast of Essaouira.

Explore the tranquil scenery of Essaouira on horseback as you walk, trot, or gallop along the coast. After getting acquainted with your animal and learning a few basic riding techniques, you'll make your way along the Atlantic coast to the quieter areas of the shore. On a hot day, the horses love cooling their legs in the surf! If you opt for an afternoon excursion, pair your horseback ride with a gorgeous sunset. Read More

Day Trip from Marrakech to Ouzoud Waterfalls

Enjoy a scenic hike to Ouzoud Waterfalls, some of the most beautiful in Morocco.

Enjoy an easy hike to the beautiful Ouzoud Waterfalls, where you can cool off near the water! The trek starts from Ouzoud, a traditional Berber village in the mountains. Pass through olive groves and make your way to the thunderous cascade, which falls 360 feet (110 m) into the El-Abid River Gorge. Walk along the falls, take photos, or enjoy a boat ride closer to the cascade. Upon returning to Ouzoud, meet with a local Berber family and enjoy an authentic meal. Read More

Explore Bin El Ouidane Lake

Enjoy water sports and swimming in Bin El Ouidane Lake.

Get off the beaten path and enjoy one of the most picturesque lakes in Morocco, a site many visitors miss. The small hamlet of Bin El Ouidane and its sprawling lake offer idyllic scenery with various family-friendly activities. Relax in the small town, enjoy the views, have a picnic near the shore, or practice water sports like kayaking, boating, swimming, or catching fish—carp fishing is one of the most popular activities on the lake! Read More

Cultural Adventures in Erg Chebbi

Visit desert towns and sleep under the stars in a tent.

Erg Chebbi is a massive stretch of dunes and desert, home to local families and an excellent setting for some cultural, family-friendly adventures! Start with a Jeep tour of the dunes and make two stops to chat with the locals. Have tea with a family that lives in the desert and visit the village of Khamleya to mingle with the Gnawa community, an ethnic group known for its spiritual healing music. Relax at your camp or continue the adventure with an ATV tour or sand boarding excursion. Watch the sunset, enjoy dinner, listen to music, and stargaze into the night. Read More

Hike to Akchour Waterfall near Chefchaouen

Hike through the forests of the Rif Mountains and swim in a waterfall.

Trek in the serene Rif Mountains, a natural landscape near the colorful blue city of Chefchaouen. On a family-friendly and easy hike, you'll follow a well-marked trail through forests and fields. Keep an eye out for the adorable Barbary macaque monkeys that call the region home! At Akchour Waterfall, relax by the shore, swim in the pools, or jump from rocks. Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Family Itinerary in Morocco

Go beyond the cities and discover the countryside of Morocco.

Many activities in Morocco are family-friendly, but if not, you can easily adjust them to incorporate the needs of younger kids and older adults. For example, trekking in the Atlas Mountains can be a challenging experience in Morocco; but several easier and more engaging routes complement shorter limbs and attention spans! And whatever you choose to do, kids rarely get bored in Morocco. Everything has an exciting element, from riding camels at sunset to finding a green oasis of swimming pools in the middle of the arid desert. 

Transferring between regions in Morocco takes more time than other destinations, so plan for long drives if you want to move about the country. (Although, you can add interesting cultural stops along the way!) For this reason, many families like to stick to one area. Some popular combinations include Marrakech, Essaouria, Atlas Mountains, & Agafay Desert; Fes, Rabat, Meknes, & Erg Chebbi; Tangier, Chefchaoeun, Rif Mountains, & Fes; or Marrakech, Atlas Mountains, & Erg Chebbi.

Read more about how to make the most of your time in Morocco!

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