Marrakech is just 55 miles (90 km) from Imlil, a small town and popular travel hub in the High Atlas Mountains. Imlil sits at the base of Mount Toubkal, which is Morocco’s highest peak and the second tallest mountain in Africa. Hiring a private transfer is your best option, as this allows the flexibility to stop along the way at the lakes, markets, and other sights along the route. Going by shared taxi is also an option.

While here, you may want to do an overnight summit of Mount Toubkal. For less strenuous, yet fulfilling hiking adventures in the High Atlas, consider the Luxury Marrakech and Atlas Mountains trip which includes a stay in the noteworthy Kasbah Tamadot

By Private Transfer

Duration: 2 hours

Taking a private car to the town of Imlil is the quickest and most convenient choice. Driving in Marrakech can be a game of nerves, so most travelers opt to hire a private driver for the journey, or as part of a broader tour. 

Leaving Marrakech, you will take the P2009 Highway. An excellent stop along the way is Lake Lalla Takerkoust where, on weekends and holidays, many locals enjoy picnics and swimming in the lake. There are several restaurants and tea shops around the lake, where you can take in the views of the oasis. 

Continuing, take the P2024 through the winding roads of Tamazirt and Aguergour. Soon you will arrive in the merchant town of Asni, famous for their apples, cherries, and nuts. On Saturdays, there is a bustling marketplace selling everything from locally preserved olives, argan oil, and produce, to hand-thrown clay tajines. 

From Asni, take the P2005 up into the Imlil Valley where you may pass alongside goats and donkeys grazing near the banks of the river.  

By Shared Taxi

Duration: 3-4 hours

Shared taxis, which are called “grand taxis”, allow you to buy a seat in the car to your final destination. The taxis take off when they are full of passengers, so on slow days, it can sometimes mean up to an hour’s wait before the vehicle leaves. 

However, you can always pay the price of the additional seats for more room and to leave sooner. If you’re in search of an authentic, if not speedy, way to arrive, this is it. The taxi will drop you off at the base of Imlil where there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and stores with hiking gear for rent.

By Bus & Shared Taxi

Duration: 4 hours

While there is no direct bus service to Imlil, you can take a city bus from Marrakech to Asni. From Asni you would then take a shared taxi for the rest of the journey. Because of the connections, this is the least advisable way to arrive.