Those traveling 288 miles (463 km) from Fes to the small Saharan town of Merzouga have two good options available. You can save several hours by combining a flight with a shorter private transfer, or you can take a private transfer straight to Merzouga. 

By Plane and Private Transfer 

Duration: 3 hours 

Travelers looking to save time will first take a direct hour-long flight from Fes (FEZ) to Errachidia (ERH). When you land at Errachidia, you can then book a private transfer, which takes about two hours to travel straight through.

Along the way, you will find the oasis town of Erfoud, which has been used as a filming location for a number of Hollywood films. Scientists have also identified the surrounding topography as being similar to the planet Mars, which makes it an excellent area to explore and photograph. 

By Private Transfer 

Duration: 7 hours 

Those who do not mind driving seven hours from Fes to Merzouga will find plenty of interesting Moroccan sights to explore along the way. 

An hour outside of Fes, you will come across Ifran, a remarkable ski town in the Atlas mountains with chalets and snowcapped peaks that looks incredibly similar to the famed ski regions of Austria and Switzerland. No matter the season, the temperature here is cooler than the rest of Morocco, and you may wish to get out to experience the fresh air and pine trees.

Two hours past Ifran, you will reach the Ziz Valley, where you can get out and see spectacular cliffs leading down into river valleys that are lush with palm trees. 

About two hours past the valley, you'll find the city of Errachiadia, where you can find bustling markets each Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If you are traveling through in May, check the calendar at the city's theater and see if you can catch performers from across the Sahara during the Festival du Desert


Map of How to Get from Fes to Merzouga
Map of How to Get from Fes to Merzouga