Morocco is an ideal destination for active travelers and adventure seekers, offering unique experiences, like kitesurfing in Essaouira, riding horses through the desert, climbing Northern Africa's tallest peak, and carp fishing alongside the locals. With diverse outdoor environments, you'll find nearly every activity in Morocco. From the top of the Atlas Mountains to the bottom of river gorges and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the country is an ideal location for adventures!

Getting Oriented

Enjoy various sports and activities in the Moroccan Desert.

From north to south, Morocco presents endless opportunities for active adventures. As a country filled with expansive deserts, towering dunes, rugged mountain peaks, twisting river gorges, and a windswept coastline, you can enjoy nearly any sport or activity in Morocco. Hike to Berber villages and valleys in the Atlas Mountains, learn to surf on the Atlantic Coast, or ride a bike through the desert!

Most activities take place outside, so read more about when to visit Morocco. You'll want to travel at a time when the weather is favorable. Discover the different regions of the country and some of the best things to do so you can plan your active trip! 

Hike & Trek in Morocco

Hiking is a favorite pastime for locals and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Morocco. In particular, the Atlas Mountains attract nature enthusiasts with a range of hikes and cultural experiences.

Summit Mt. Toubkal & Hike to Imlil

The summit of Mt. Toubkal.

Conquer Northern Africa's highest peak, Mt. Toubkal, which sits at 13,600 feet (4,167 m). You'll start from 10,500 feet (3,207 m) at the Toubkal Refuge and follow a hiking guide up the south cirque. Pass over creeks and through rocky scree fields before arriving at a large plateau near the summit. From here, savor the views across the Atlas Mountains and as far as the Sahara. After summiting, hike back down and continue along a route to Imlil, a traditional Berber village. Read More

Hiking & Cultural Immersion in the Atlas Mountains

Foothills of the Atlas Mountains.

Combine hiking and culture in this unique active experience. You'll join a local named Mohammed through the Atlas Mountains, following a relaxed route through various Berber villages. Stop to chat with residents and enjoy activities like traditional music, tea rituals, and learning about farming. Finish your trek at Mohammed's house and savor authentic Moroccan cuisine and Berber food with his family. Read More

Hike from Imlil to Aït Aïssa via the Azzaden Valley

Views of the Atlas Mountains.

Explore the unique terrain of Azzaden Valley, a contrasting region of tall peaks, red rocks, and pockets of green. Starting in Imlil, you'll trek along a moderate route up Tizi M'ZIK Pass, which sits at 8,202 ft (2,500 m) at its highest point. Enjoy views of Imlil Valley's breathtaking scenery and the Toubkal Mountain Range. Head down into the valley and toward the village of Aït Aïssa for superb vistas along a high alpine plateau! Read More

Imlil Valley & Tizi N'Tamatert Pass Hike

Village Scenes from Tizi N'Tamatert Pass.

Discover the traditional Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains on a cultural hike. You'll start at Kasbah du Toubkal mountain lodge and trek up the Col of Tizi n’Tamatert Pass, enjoying views of Imlil Valley, Tachdirt Valley, and the surrounding mountains. For lunch, head to the village of Tamatert for a traditional meal with a local family. Read More

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Discover Watersports

Although Morocco is synonymous with desert and mountain landscapes, the country also hosts over 1,000 miles (1,835 km) of coastline. A day at the beach or one of the alpine lakes is the perfect way to have an active adventure!

Day Trip to Bin el Ouidane

Go kayaking, swimming, or fishing on Bin el Ouidane Lake.

Get off the beaten path and enjoy one of the most picturesque lakes in Morocco, a site many visitors miss. The small hamlet of Bin El Ouidane and its sprawling lake offer idyllic scenery with water sports, such as kayaking, boating, swimming, or fishing—carp fishing is one of the most popular activities on the lake, and you can do it alongside the locals! Read More

Kitesurfing Lesson in Essaouira

Kite surfing in windy Essaouira.

For kitesurfing, there’s no other place quite like Essaouira. Known as the wind capital of Africa, Essaouira is a charming seaside town with gusty winds, making it a great place for more expert-level kitesurfers. Join the locals at Sidi Kaouki Beach and learn the sport yourself! You'll work with an instructor who will teach you how to hold, guide, and maneuver your kite. After lunch, you'll have time to practice on your own. Read More

Day Trip to Souss Massa National Park from Agadir

The Atlantic Coast of Morocco.

The picturesque Souss Massa National Park is home to diverse terrain, including forests, dunes, and beaches. Set just south of Agadir, you can easily explore all the park's highlights, including Youssef Bin Tachfine Reservoir, Massa Valley, and Sidi Rbat Beach. Enjoy hiking, swimming, and birdwatching (the area is home to pink flamingos, Audouin’s gulls, and the rare and endangered northern bald ibis). Before heading back, stop in the market town of Tiznit. Read More

Explore the Deserts

No trip to Morocco is complete without time spent in the desert! Set just southwest of Marrakech, the Agafay Desert makes an excellent reprieve from the bustling city. Ride horses through the dunes or let an e-bike help you conquer the hills. Erg Chebbi and its massive sand peaks (topping off at 2,400 feet (730 m) is the ideal spot for active desert excursions. Enjoy jeep tours, ATV rides, quad adventures, sandboarding, hiking, and more!

Horseback Riding in the Agafay Desert

The expansive dunes of the Agafay Desert.

Explore the desert on horseback, riding through the rocky and sandy dunes of the Agafay Desert outside of Marrakech. As you enjoy the ever-changing scenery, savor the quiet solitude. A guide will lead you through the scenic terrain, sharing stories of geologic history and cultural significance. Enjoy a traditional Moroccan meal in the desert before heading back. Read More

E-Bike Adventure in Agafay Desert

Take an e-bike on a cycling excursion through the Agafay Desert.

An e-bike excursion through the desert is the perfect compromise: slower than an ATV but faster than a horse—plus, it gives you an advantage when tackling those challenging hills! Start with a fun quad ride from Marrakech, passing through the surrounding landscape of arid hills and palm trees. Then pedal into the Agafay Desert from Terre des Etoiles. You'll head down canyons and up dunes, experiencing all the various colors of Morocco's scenic desert landscape. Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Active Itinerary in Morocco

Trek through the valleys and peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

Any Moroccan itinerary can easily include active excursions, and most do so naturally! If you want to explore the Moroccan Desert, include an ATV tour or camel ride. If you want to visit the Blue City of Chefchaouen, take a day trip into the Rif Mountains and hike to a waterfall. If you want to experience the local culture, trek into the Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains. There are endless ways to combine sightseeing, culture, and active experiences in Morocco. 

Sticking to a few activities in one or two regions requires about 5-7 days. With this amount of time, you can enjoy buzzy Marrakech, ride horses in the Agafay Desert, hike in the Atlas Mountains, and surf on the coast. For a more subdued pace, or to add more activities and regions, plan for at least one week and tack on a few extra days to travel between areas. Learn more about how much time you should spend in Morocco.

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