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An old kasbah still stands in the desert
Best Time of Year to Visit Morocco

Morocco stretches from the Mediterranean coast to the dunes of the Sahara, with lots of varied geography in between. As a result, climate and weather vary greatly depending on where you spend your time. September through May works well for most travelers, and those prioritizing a trip to the desert should stick to winter and spring. If you're traveling in summer months and want to beat the heat, Tangier in the north and Essaouira on the Atlantic Seaboard are great options.

Sand dunes in Erg Chebbi in Sahara desert
Highlights of Morocco

The choices are endless. Morocco offers a lifetime of places to explore, but for most of us with a limited amount of time it's best to pick a few key places. We have put together a list of places and regions to consider as you go about the process of putting together the perfect itinerary.

Camel trekking in Morocco
Best Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco has activities for travelers of all ages and interests. With such a diverse landscape — from plains to mountains to coast and desert — Morocco is a great place both for both adventure and relaxation. Check out our list of favorite things to do, below.

Main Regions of Morocco
Main Regions of Morocco

Extending from the Mediterranean Shores and Rif mountains in the north to the Atlantic Shores to the west to the hot desert lands of the Sahara in the south, Morocco is a vast country with a huge range of landscape regions. Cutting across its midline are the Atlas mountains, with the Sahara on one side and the more lush, coastal regions on the other.

View of the High Atlas
Getting Off the Beaten Path in Marrakech

There’s more to Marrakech than the circus-like hullabaloo of Jemma el-Fna, persistent hawkers, and the donkey-dodging craziness of the souks. Beyond the walls of the medina (and sometimes even within them), you can find serene escapes that feel a million miles away from the city din – from the wave-lashed Atlantic coast to hidden gardens, galleries and High Atlas valleys.

Discover culture, landscapes and architecture in Morocco
How kimkim Trips Work in Morocco

Planning the perfect trip to Morocco? Here's a quick introduction to kimkim, how our trips work, and what makes us unique. We'll go over how our itineraries are customized to your interests, and what to expect during your trip.