Cultural Adventures in Erg Chebbi Desert

Explore the vastness of Erg Chebbi and learn more about this surreal landscape. Chebbi is one of Morocco's many ergs, large expanses of dunes, and tall peaks formed by wind-blown sand. This particular erg stretches over 17 miles (28 km) from north to south, with some peaks reaching nearly 500 feet (150 m). There's much to see and do on Erg Chebbi, for kids and adults alike!

You'll start with a Jeep tour through the dunes, discovering hidden secrets of the landscape with a guide. As you dip into valleys and conquer hills, you'll learn about the region's history and cultural influences. Your first break will be with a local nomadic family that calls the dunes home. Enjoy a cup of traditional tea and listen to their stories.

Next, head to the village of Khamleya to visit the home of a Gnawa family, an ethnic group living in Morocco. You'll listen to spiritual healing music traditionally practiced throughout the country and originates in the sub-Saharan region. Gnaoua music is spiritual music at its roots, although popular maâlems (master musicians) have made the music quite mainstream. Watch a maâlem group of musicians and dancers perform their repetitive yet lively beats.
In the afternoon, you'll have free time to relax or pursue another activity of your choice. You can rent a sandboard to test your skills on the dunes (a favorite amongst kids!) or join an ATV/Quad tour. As the sun starts to set in the late afternoon, climb up the nearest dune to watch the colorful display sweep across the sand. Enjoy dinner at your camp and relax by the fire while stargazing and listening to traditional Berber music from the locals.

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