Visit the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs & Rose Valley

Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs
When exploring the unique communities of the Moroccan Desert, make your way through two of the country's most cultural areas: Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs and Rose Valley. You can easily pair them with visits to Boumalne Dades or Ouarzazate or while traveling between the Sahara and Marrakech.

The Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs is filled with (you guessed it) many kasbahs which were once used as defense fortresses. You'll find preserved versions in many famous towns, such as Aït Benhaddou, but others remain in disrepair. The kasbahs were constructed with "rammed earth," a building technique using raw materials, so they can easily deteriorate if neglected.

In Kela'a M'gouna, named after the nearby Mount Mgoun, you'll find the "Valley of the Roses." Here, you can admire the cultivated rose bushes and visit a collective to learn how artisans convert the petals into rose water and oil used in the cosmetic industry. It's believed that 10th-century pilgrims arrived in Morocco from Saudi Arabia and brought Rosa Damascena, the variety of roses popular in this region. The month of May hosts the annual Rose Festival, featuring local Berber musicians, dancing, parades, artisans, and food vendors.

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