Traditional Gnaou Music in Khamlia, Merzouga


About four miles (7 km) from the popular desert hub of Merzouga lies the small village of Khamlia (Khemliya), where a community of Gnaou musicians resides. Many also refer to Khamlia as the "southern gateway to the Sahara," as it sits near the border with Algeria, where the Sahara Desert officially begins. Enjoy a visit to the town to meet the locals, listen to their music, dance, and sip traditional tea.

Khamlia has a long history of supporting a community dedicated to music, dancing, healing, and spirituality. The people originally lived as nomads in the Erg Chebbi and Sahara deserts but settled in the town in the 20th century. As a result, they have roots in sub-Saharan countries, including Sudan, Mali, and Niger. You'll sit with some of the locals and musicians to listen to traditional Gnaou music, a truly unique and exciting cultural experience.

The music involves a lot of chanting and clanking, and the dancing a lot of jumping. This is because it represents freedom from slavery, which decimated many African communities for centuries. You can bring the experience home with you, as the groups often sell their music to visitors.

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