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Fes, a city in Morocco that offers a rich cultural experience and delicious cuisine, has many activities that will immerse you in the Moroccan culture. If joining a local family for dinner in the Fes Medina and learning about authentic gastronomy, recipes, and ingredients sounds intriguing, you might enjoy an outing similar to this dinner with a local family. For a more hands-on experience, you can partake in an activity like this traditional cooking class with a local chef, where you'll prepare authentic dishes using traditional recipes and enjoy a delicious lunch. If traveling with kids, you might opt for a fun experience like this donkey ride through Fes
Dinner with a Local Family in Fes
2.5 hours
Morocco sits at the geographical and cultural crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. So it's no wonder Moroccan gastronomy is one of the greatest in the world, thanks to this mix of cultures, flavors, and nations! While in Morocco, you'll find many restaurants serving beloved dishes...
A souk in Fes
Traditional Cooking Class in Fes
3 hours
Discover the incredible and flavorful cuisine of Morocco with a cooking class in Fes. Together with a local chef and culinary expert, you'll prepare authentic dishes using traditional recipes beloved by Moroccans. This hands-on experience ends with a delicious lunch and conversation with your...
Inside the souks of Fes
Explore the Medina of Fes
8 hours
Discover the vibrant and fortified Medina (old town) of Fes, the cultural capital of Morocco, with the help of a local. A guide will lead you through the twisting maze of cobbled streets as you pass markets, shops, mosques, and more. You'll explore lively souks, learn about medieval Marinid...
Kids Explore Fes by Donkey
If you're traveling with your family, let your kids enjoy a fun and cultural experience by exploring the buzzy city of Fes with the help of adorable donkeys. Fes is the world's largest pedestrian-only city, with over 9,000 streets and alleyways in its historic Old Town (medina). If you want to...
Synagogue of Sefrou
Jewish Heritage Tour in Sefrou
Enjoy a day trip south of Fes to the city of Sefrou, where you'll embark on a Jewish heritage tour. Sefrou offers an excellent opportunity to observe the coexistence of both Jewish and Muslim communities, as they lived side by side here until the late 1960s. Sefrou is known as "Little Jerusalem,"...
Brass Etching Workshop in Fes
Brass, especially intricately etched brass, is commonplace in Morocco. You'll see it all over the country, especially in the buzzy stalls of the country's souks and markets. Learn the history of this art form by attending an interactive workshop in the heart of Fes, where you'll dive into the...
Jewish Heritage Tour in Fes Medina
2.5 hours
Learn all about Morocco's Jewish heritage by touring the Fes' medina. As you walk through the twisting streets, you'll listen to your guide share the ancient stories of the Jewish Mellah (old Jewish neighborhood) and explore historic synagogues, cemeteries, and museums. Fes is teeming with Jewish...
Community Oven Bread Baking Workshop in Marrakech, Fes, or Sefrou
Combine an authentic culinary experience with one of the most cultural aspects of Morocco. Whether in the old Medina of Fes, Marrakech, or Sefrou, you can participate in a bread-making workshop, where you'll bake your dough in a community wood-burning oven known as a Ferran. Join the locals and...
Sacred Music Festival in Fes
Self guided
Fes is well-known for its music scene and hosts several performances and functions throughout the year. One of the city's two largest music-related events is the Sacred Music Festival, which takes place in July. Rather than concentrating itself in one area, the event spreads out all across the...
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Sacred Geometry Workshop in Fes
You'll probably notice various geometrical patterns, designs, and art as you travel around Morocco and visit cities and mosques. These pieces are evidence of Islamic art found on many of the country's traditional and historic buildings. To better understand this art, enjoy a workshop in the heart...
Bookbinding Workshop in Fes
Learn the art and technique behind Moroccan bookbinding by attending a unique workshop that teaches you how to craft your own leather journal. A professional artisan will walk you through the process, divulging details of the craft's history in Morocco and the cultural impact it has today, then...
Day Trip to Ahinajen Berber Village in the Atlas Mountains
Get an insider's view of rural life in Morocco. On this day trip from Fes, you'll make your way to the Berber village of Ahinajen in the Atlas Mountains, where you'll meet with local families of the regional tribe to learn about their rural lives. After lunch with the tribe's leader, you can meet...

Experiences in Fes, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco
Unique Cultural Experiences in Morocco

Morocco's distinct and authentic culture (unchanged in many ways) is perhaps the primary reason to explore the country. You'll find traditional villages that still live today as they have throughout history. Cities like Casablanca and Chefchaouen lift the veil and let you see the way locals live day-to-day. Visit small towns and Berber villages in the mountains, peruse artisan collectives, and get off the beaten path to discover Morocco's incredible countryside.

View of the famous tanneries in Fes, Morocco
Best Things to Do in Fes

Fes is home to the world's largest Old Town, meaning there's plenty to keep you entertained in this historical city! You'll find a maze of energetic streets twisting through the medina, filled with shops, architecture, and unique workshops, like brass etching and bookbinding. But one of Fes' highlights is its surroundings, which offers several cultural day trips, like a Jewish heritage tour in Sefrou or visits to Berber villages in the mountains. Additionally, Fes is home to several music festivals each year, including the famed Sacred Music Festival in July.

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