Community Oven Bread Baking Workshop in Marrakech, Fes, or Sefrou, Marrakesh


Combine an authentic culinary experience with one of the most cultural aspects of Morocco. Whether in the old Medina of Fes, Marrakech, or Sefrou, you can participate in a bread-making workshop, where you'll bake your dough in a community wood-burning oven known as a Ferran.

Join the locals and learn the history and culture behind Morocco's public ovens. Most Moroccans prepare their food in a tagine, a clay pot of sorts placed over a fire. Personal ovens, even in wealthier homes, aren't the norm. However, Moroccans love bread, so how do they bake this staple? They use community ovens.

Many believe these public ovens bring the community together, working as one to feed their residents. Every town and city has community ovens, and now you can experience baking in one, too. After learning how to prepare the signature recipe in Morocco and baking your creations in the ovens, you can taste the fruits of your labor. For all the bread leftover, the community regularly donates it to the local orphanages.

This workshop teaches travelers history and culture regarding the public ovens and the significance of bread in Morocco. 

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