Guerrouane Region Winery Tour near Fes, Marrakesh


Enjoy a fun and decadent day trip out of the city and venture into Morocco's unique Guerrouane agricultural region, just beyond Fes. Spend the day learning about the region's crops, history, traditions, and flavors with a winery tour and private tasting. 

Moroccans have been cultivating and refining wine grapes for large-scale production since the Roman era. You can trace the tradition of winemaking back to the region's Jewish communities, and French settlers later expanded it. Growers and vintners focus on red blends, Rosé, Vin Gris, and local brandies called Mahia (water of life).  

Guerrouane is Morocco's agricultural heartland, where good soil, rain, and sun combine to provide great conditions for orchard fruits like apricots, plums, and oranges, as well as the region's prized grapes. This hidden gem is also home to Morocco’s only AOC wine — Coteaux de l’Atlas 1er Cru. After a fun and informative vineyard tour, you'll sit down for an afternoon of tasting various local styles of wine.

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