Traditional cooking class with a local non-profit in Marrakech

Cooking class

This unique experience utilizes food to help you connect to the Moroccan food, culture, and people. You'll learn about an inspiring group of women as they teach you about local delicacies and share stories about themselves and their journies. The framework of your experience is a traditional cooking class focused on the all-stars of Moroccan cuisine: you'll either cook yourself a delicious Tagine (a spice-infused stew named for the earthenware pot it simmers in) or some couscous that will serve as a bed for seasonal vegetables, poultry, lamb, or zippy merguez sausages. What makes this class particularly special is that your culinary teachers, aside from being experts at making delicious food, are local women who are part of a non-profit association that empowers them through culinary arts and provides them with a stable income.  

In Moroccan culture, meals are a vibrant and vital component of one's community: while friends and families gather and connect, the tagine is slow-cooked over charcoal and shared as a group. You'll learn the timeless techniques to preparing your own Moroccan dishes, chatting with your teachers as your delicacies simmer and hiss. This is an opportunity for genuine connection with the women in this NGO; as you steam couscous, you'll exchange stories, setting the stage for a close family-style meal at the end of your lesson. You're also likely to encounter some of Morocco's best flavors and ingredients — think preserved lemons and spices like ras el hanout and saffron — then will sit down to feast on your authentic creations over lunch.

Before you leave, ask your teachers for their favorite shops, treats, and places nearby. You'll depart with not only a full belly but a full heart. Walk off your decadent meal this afternoon as you stroll around the neighborhood and explore the town, hopefully through a new, more personal lens. 

Cooking class: 4 hours (with lunch)