Boumalne Dades sits in the Dades Valley, a region home to some of the most scenic landscapes in Morocco. The Dades River creates an agricultural oasis, including the country's famed Rose Valley (known for its centuries of producing rose oil and rosewater). You'll also find this desert scene lined with kasbahs and steeped in cultural traditions like dagger making, several buzzy markets, and even nomadic tribes that move from the deserts to the mountains every summer.

Getting Oriented

Enjoy the local scene in Boumalne Dades.

One of the most scenic regions of Morocco is the Dades Valley, where the Dades River flows through this desert landscape and creates a picturesque gorge and an agricultural oasis. So it's no wonder the area is lined with historic kasbahs and hosts numerous markets teeming with local produce and goods. More famously, the Dades Valley is home to the country's rose fields, where Moroccans have spent centuries producing and selling rose products (like rose oil and rosewater) to perfumeries worldwide.  

Boumalne Dades is named for the region and a great hub for exploring the valley and surrounding desert and mountainous landscapes. Enjoy unparalleled cultural experiences like visiting the local community responsible for hand carving the intricate ceremonial daggers unique to Morocco's tribes or meeting some nomadic families that move across the region.

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What to Do

Some of the best things to do in Morocco focus on cultural experiences, and you'll find plenty in Boumalne Dades! Get to know the people of this region authentically by exploring bustling markets, attending workshops, observing skilled artisans, and learning the routines behind traditional ways of living. 

Traveling Market in Boumalne Dades

The local market in Boumalne Dades travels to the town each Wednesday.

Peruse the traveling open-air market in Boumalne Dades, which occurs every Wednesday. It's a great cultural experience, as locals from around the region descend on the market to stock up on goods for the entire week, including fruit, vegetables, and other produce, plus meat, electronics, second-hand goods, and even livestock. Read More

Visit Nomadic Families in Troglodyte Cave Homes

Get to know a nomadic family that lives in traditional cave houses in the summer.

With the help of your host, you'll visit a nomadic family near Boumalne Dades. Many regional nomads head up into the mountains every summer, where the traditional cave houses keep them cool, and the vegetation feeds their animals. You can mingle with one family, enjoy tea with them, and meet their animals. Learn about how they move from mountains to deserts and what it's like to be nomadic in Morocco. Read More

Rosewater Workshop

Pick rose petals with the local women and learn how to make rosewater.

This cultural experience starts like any good activity: with food. Enjoy a traditional ftour, known as "second breakfast," then join local women in the rose fields of Morocco's famed Rose Valley. You'll pick petals and take them to a cooperative to observe the lengthy process of turning the flowers into rosewater. Residents of this region of Morocco have been making, and selling rose oil and rosewater to perfumeries around the globe for centuries. Read More

Local Dagger Making

Learn how one skilled tribe makes ceremonial daggers for all the other communities in Morocco.

In Morocco, wearing daggers and scarves is a sign of honor in many communities, so you'll visit the tribe that creates these daggers for all the others, using intricate and individualized designs all done by hand. The skill is passed down to new generations when they are just children and has been the tribe's livelihood for a long time. Learn the history behind Morocco's daggers and how this one tribe has supplied the country with its goods for centuries. Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Boumalne Dades Itinerary

The environment around Boumalne Dades is part of the town's appeal.

In terms of Moroccan highlights, a visit to Boumalne Dades and the Dades Valley is a must. The region is popular for many travelers, both for its cultural and environmental experiences and convenient location. The Dades Valley sits almost perfectly between Marrakech and Merzouga, so it's an ideal stopping point when combining a buzzy city experience with desert adventures.

How many days should you spend in Morocco? The answer to that question depends on how much you want to see and do. The country is quite large, with many of its sites spread out across varying landscapes. We recommend at least one week in Morocco so you can combine some must-sees, such as a city or two, the mountains, and the desert. Allowing yourself two full weeks opens up the opportunity to add more unique experiences, the coast, and Chefchaouen (the famous "Blue City") in the north.

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