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With kimkim you will connect directly to a local specialist in Botswana who will personalize your trip to your specific tastes. Once we have a sense of who you are and what you're looking for, you'll be matched with the right local travel agent for you. Not everyone wants to get completely off the grid—but even if you want to hit the most popular sites and cities, kimkim ensures a customized experience, including lodging, guides, and transportation.
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Lize Enderstein

(22 reviews)
Botswana Travel Agent based in South Africa
Lize specializes in: Safaris, Tours, Transfers, Accommodations, Car hire, Local and Regional flights
Recent traveler reviews for Lize:
"Lize did such a good job putting together this custom trip for my husband and I." - by Megan, Oct 8, 2023 · see review
"Anyway, thank you for setting it up Lize." - by kai, Jul 20, 2023 · see review
"Lize planned an unforgettable trip to South Africa for us!" - by Amanda, Mar 28, 2023 · see review

Petru van Zyl

(15 reviews)
Botswana Travel Agent based in Western Cape, South Africa
Petru specializes in: FIT travel, Group travel, VIP clients, luxury safaris, self-drive tours, complex itineraries
Recent traveler reviews for Petru:
"Thank you Petru for organizing an amazing trip for us." - by Aris, Nov 20, 2023 · see review
"Petru was a great source of knowledge helping us navigate South Africa." - by Gigi, Nov 4, 2023 · see review
"Petru was our superstar planner." - by Joe, Nov 4, 2023 · see review

Carla Ferreira

(8 reviews)
Botswana Travel Agent based in Cape Town
Recent traveler reviews for Carla:
"We had an amazing time in South Africa and the ease of coordinating on KimKim and our specialist Carla was great." - by Callen, Sep 21, 2021 · see review
"Our 21 day South African “Investment Trip” was over the top in so many ways: tailor made itinerary by Carla and Deidre @ Salty Travel with revisions, figuring out and responding to our “wants”, including: Lodgings: *Cape Town/Presidents Hotel @Bantry Bay - 2 bedroom 2 en-suite bath sitting room and kitchenette, delicious European & full breakfast (eggs cooked to order), delightful staff and daily chocolates!" - by Mick, Oct 25, 2019 · see review
"Carla was incredibly helpful, friendly, approachable, knowledgable, and adaptable to my changing requests." - by Rosie, Oct 18, 2018 · see review

Esther Ruempol

(7 reviews)
Botswana Travel Agent based in Johannesburg, South Africa
Esther specializes in: Sustainable Travel, Tailor-made tours, Safari Travel, Individual Travellers and Small Groups, Family Travel, Honeymoon Travel
Recent traveler reviews for Esther:
"Esther made our trip possible by providing necessary changes to become our personalised trip." - by Yin Ling, Dec 3, 2023 · see review
"We recently entrusted our honeymoon plans to Esther, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out." - by Jessica, Nov 22, 2023 · see review
"We very much appreciated Esther and Lucy's suggestions for things to see and do and places to eat and shop." - by Rich, Nov 16, 2023 · see review

Stephanie Louw

(5 reviews)
Botswana Travel Agent based in Cape Town
I am an adventurous traveler with an insatiable wanderlust, wholeheartedly embracing every journey with boundless curiosity. My thirst for exploration takes me to diverse cultures and landscapes. Adding an exciting dimension to my travels, I am a passionate surfer, seeking out the perfect wave... read more
Stephanie's Favorite Itineraries:

Chloe Cottrell

(3 reviews)
Botswana Travel Agent based in Harare, Zimbabwe
Chloe specializes in: Safari travel, tailored experiences, travel off the beaten track!
Recent traveler reviews for Chloe:
"Paul, Mack, Davies, Chloe and Costa ensured we had a great stay here too." - by Jill, Aug 6, 2022 · see review
"Chloe, I wish more organizations could clone you!" - by Suzanne, Dec 13, 2019 · see review
"We recently traveled to Zambia and I want to highly recommend Chloe and Off2Africa." - by Sara, Jul 18, 2019 · see review

Nadia Khan

(1 review)
Botswana Travel Agent based in South Africa
Nadia specializes in: FIT, Honeymooners, Adventure, Family Travel
I love planning the perfect trip and believe in the power of travel to bring people together and create lasting memories. The vibe of just being in the African bush, enjoying the wildlife, taking it all in and enjoying a sunset game drive....There’s nothing better! read more