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Sweden Travel Agent based in Sweden
Silvía specializes in: Family Adventures, Active Vacation, Local Knowledge, Tailored Experiences
Swedish educated business developer, specializing in tourism. A storyteller born and raised in Iceland, mostly on the East fjords. I have been exploring cultural differences in Nordic countries for the past years. I recommend watching: Ari Eldjárn - Pardon My Icelandic, before visiting... read more

Halldór Haraldsson

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Sweden Travel Agent based in Sweden
Halldór specializes in: Adventure Guide \ Tour Expert
One of my first trips to Iceland's highlands was a life-changing experience. Since then, I've been helping people explore the most remote corners of Iceland's interior, whether on glaciers or in lava tubes. If I had to recommend one thing to do while in Iceland, it would be to remember that the... read more
Sweden Travel Agent based in Iceland southern region
Elísa Guðlaug Snæland specializes in: Local knowledge, Family-friendly adventures, Tailored trips, Southern Region
I am born and raised here in Iceland. My parents have a special kind of love for the country, so from a young age, I have been traveling all around our extraordinary Ísland (Iceland). Then coming into adulthood I saw that I could use my love and knowledge of my own travels to help other travelers... read more