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Anna Alaman

I am passionate entrepreneur and traveller guiding the mission of sustainability with all my expertise, heart and soul”. My philosophy “There are many ways to travel. My way is not about passing through a place, but letting the place pass through you...”

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Immerse experiences, cultural (arts & craft, religious, sight-seeing tours), mindful and wellness (yoga, meditation, Ayurveda) and educational tours. Tailor-made experiences for groups, families or solo travelers."

How did you get involved in travel?

"My first encounter with Asia was 15 years ago; I learned about the challenges of working in a Design Import & Export venture in a totally culturally different setting.

After I worked 8-9 years, I took a break to explore more cultures. I was in different countries in Europe and worked there, and also went to Central America and North Africa. After that, I went back to Barcelona, and because I wasn’t happy with my career, I started thinking of my own business with a social impact. I discovered social business around that time. The idea stuck to me. So I combined tourism and social impact. Although I absolutely disliked Delhi at first, India grabbed me.It just felt like the most special of places.

So in 2011, I quit my job and came back to settle for good. I felt an urgent and strong a sense of responsibility towards the country and its people. As I was exploring the Northern States, I felt compelled to start designing tours in the same way that I used to design products. I realized that I had finally found a way to use my creativity in service of forgotten communities if I could organize holidays that included them. I went back to Spain and found 12 clients. Open Eyes was launched.
I’m always trying to improve and it was 3 years ago that I realized what we were doing was called responsible tourism. Then, I joined the MSc in Responsible Tourism in the International Centre in Responsible Tourism in Leeds (UK) where I’m still alumni to research and learn. It has opened a new door for me and Open Eyes."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"There is not just a unique travel experience. As solo woman traveller and entrepreneur living in India and building Open Eyes, it has given me the real contact with the Indian culture and full of experiences to share.

India is so diverse and magical that it is a life changing country that everyone needs to experience, at least, once in their lives.

I still do really enjoy my own holidays in India. I am improving my advanced and tech diving skills from one of the most beautiful and untouched islands in the world. Or having meaningful conversations with monks by looking the stars from Tibetan monasteries, or trying the best local cuisine (the Sattvic and Ayurvedic, the healthy one!! :)).

Above all, I stick from learning from different forms of life and the simplicity of things. India invites you to grow and see the world from different eyes!"

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