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Jambo na Karibu Sana, that is my local language of Swahili, to say hello, and you are most welcome to Kenya, the place for Africa’s most authentic safaris. This is home for me. The bush is where I grew up. The beaches are where I played. The magnificent African sunshine has been my daily spectacle for decades. Traveling has been a great part of my life. I came to understand the great meaning and the fun that comes with travel way back in College where I would join different travel forums to explore unique destinations, one after another. I realized that travel gives you perspective, and meeting people from other cultures will teach you that the way you’ve been looking at the world isn’t the way everybody else sees it. In fact, your point-of-view might have some major blind spots. Seeing the world for me improved my vision and my grip on reality and helped me create meaningful relationships and connections. For this reason, I enjoy helping people from all over the world to choose the best destinations in Africa and beyond. Making them happy, seeing satisfaction on their faces, and being able to share the world with them is what makes me happy. I cannot wait to welcome you home to this cradle of mankind. I am sure you will leave with lifelong memories.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"All of Africa ,and the world at large, from family holidays, wildlife safaris, mountain trekking, beach holidays, cultural tours, romantic and honeymoon tours, hiking, volunteer service tours, photography tours, and team buildings, just to name a few. No matter what your interests for a budget, mid-range or luxury adventure, I am always ready to put together something unforgettable. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I grew up from a very humble background where travel, family holidays or vacations we not understood. Back in primary school, I had a friend who would narrate stories about the amazing and adventurous trips they had with their family every December holiday when the school closes. They would go to the Kenyan Coast, Maasai Mara, Naivasha, Nakuru and the list goes on. Believe me, these were all places and experiences that I could only read about in books and nothing more. One day my friend came to me with a very interesting story of their family holiday in Zanzibar, how they went by on an airplane, did lots of swimming and snorkeling, had mouthwatering meals…I closed my eyes only to imagine myself having such experiences. After she finished with the story, I told her that from every one of her stories about these trips I would really like to have at least one trip to one place. Then she told me that they would invite me on their next trip to Nanyuki! When the time came for the trip I was so excited and told my mum about the trip, but to my surprise, she said “Catherine you are going on no trip. You know how parents are, no is no and it’s not questioned”. I was so disappointed, and had to tell my friend to say that I couldn’t go. I bid her farewell, wishing that I could have had a story to share.

When my friend returned with more stories of their trip and all the wildlife they saw, I promised myself that I will study hard, get lots of money and when old enough to make my own decisions I would take a trip to whatever place comes in my mind first. Time passed and I finally managed to take a trip to Mombasa Kenyan coast with my friends. I made all arrangements in the best way I could understand them, hotel reservations, bus tickets and transfers. This was how I discovered my passion for traveling and how much I love helping others find their perfect trips to create their special stories to tell. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My most Memorable travel memory was from a Christmas I spent in the Grand Cayman Islands. I toured Little Cayman, the smallest island, home to diverse wildlife, from endangered iguanas to seabirds such as red-footed boobies. These were the most amazing creatures I have ever set my eyes on. I visited Pedro St. James Castle, the oldest building in the Cayman Islands, built-in the 18th century by a wealthy Englishman. These three-story manor houses and artifacts serve as a one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to the history and culture of the islands. Who would have thought that there are caves in the Cayman Islands? I was awed and surprised by these stunning caves in a tropical forest on the north side of Grand Cayman. I took a guided walking tour through “rooms” of stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures while learning about the geological significance of the Cayman Islands’ oldest landmark. I couldn’t believe how my two weeks elapsed without my having exhausted all the beautiful islands had to offer. I wanted to stay longer to explore more but my time would no longer allow. It’s moments like this that keep me hungry for travel."

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