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Dalibor Rudan

In early 90’s , after finishing high school, Dalibor decided to start with own business in tourism. It was the most logical choice because also his parents worked many years in travel industry. Dalibor and his father Franko have decided to start with own travel agency. Fiore Tours Ltd was founded in 1992 and started as inbound tour operator in June 1993.
As the founder and managing director of Fiore Tours, Dalibor is deeply connected to his country, customs and traditions that Croatia can offer. Born in Croatia and with a degree in tourism and economics, Dalibor is a travel professional ready to create memorable local experience. Dalibor has worked exclusively in travel industry over the past 23 years bringing his passion and experience to a young team of well-travelled educated enthusiast who shared his vision. Using his 14 years of certified travel and outdoor guide, Dalibor continue to enjoy the thrills of hiking, cycling and skiing. 
Today, Fiore Tours has grown to become one of the Croatian leading independent travel company specialised in organising adventure, cultural and gourmet travel in Croatia. From day one, we have been motivated by the desire to take small groups of like-minded people to some of the Croatian most remote and rarely-visited locations and to provide an authentic travel experience. We have tailored our group sizes to ensure that each individual is able to make the most of the regions where we travel and the activities we engage in within the context of a small group of like minded people travelling together.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Croatian coast, mountains and islands. Adventure escpecially hiking and cycling, creating special interest programs which include adventure and cullinary experiences, history, local culture and custom. tailor made tours"

How did you get involved in travel?

"Travel is my passion and life. I like to share my expertise with others and create memorable adventures and holiday which clients will never forget."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Crossing Namibias desert on a motorcycle, trekking in Chilean Patagonia, Skiing on Vulcano Osorno in Chile "