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I am an outgoing person and are really love to explore every corner of Taiwan. Taiwan is rich in high mountain and surrounded by the ocean, although we are not a big country what you can do in other countries you can find the easiest way to do in Taiwan. Diving, hiking, rock climbing, or running...

I want to show the whole world of the beauty of Taiwan so, after graduation from university, I started to invite my foreign friends to Taiwan and be their consultant for arranging the itinerary for them. That's the beginning time to have contact with tourism. MyTaiwanTour is a new start-up tourism company dedicated to letting visitors experience what's Taiwan, what we eat how we live what we have experienced. Our goal is to let you deeply and authentically know the place.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Mountaineering, one day or even the multi-day hiking.
Cycling, I will definitely recommend the east part for the first time visitor or even the small cycling in Taipei that will be impressed.
Family tour, the handmade activity can always attract the children's attention. Hakka Leicha, mask drawing, fruit picking... You can use only a short week to get all the activity to put in your itinerary.
Taiwan has over 200 high mountains (over 3000m) for the climbers to explore. Some of them can even to be finished within a day. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"After going abroad to another country, I realize that Taiwan is known to very few people. However, as the local Taiwanese we definitely want more visitors to put Taiwan in their travel map because of our natural scenery, culinary and history. I start my job as a travel consultant and dedicated to showing the authentic life experience and diverse history to the visitor."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Cycling around the east part of Taiwan.
Comfortable, easy access, scenic coastal and mountain scenery, Taiwan's East part including Taitung and Hualien are always the must-visit places for the cyclist and the visitors. You can choose either coastline or the rift valley to explore both. Also, you can reach the ocean and mountain view within just one day which is amazed an unforgettable. If you have much more time I will definitely recommend to stay one night with the local aboriginal to eat or to do some handmade activity with them."

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