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Dyann Jiang

Traveling is the ultimate fulfillment for one's soul. I believe exploring a new place, including its culture, cuisine, scenery and people, is one of the best ways to discover new possibilities of life.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"City Exploring
Beach Exploring
Bars / Pubs Exploring
Cuisine / Food Culture Exploring
Pop Culture Exploring"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I love planning fantastic trips for myself, and I believe that everyone deserves a journey made exclusively for him/herself, for it is the best way to experience the world and life."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I traveled to London for 17 days in June, 2019. It was my first time traveling all by myself. I booked the tickets 3 days before departure and I had nothing figured out except for the accommodation. However, it was my best traveling experience for I got to be a real traveler instead of a tourist. I made some friends, went on some adventures and discovered a whole new self along the trip. It was an experience of a lifetime. "

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Alishan's sea of clouds
Taiwan Round Island Tour - 14 Days

Spend two weeks circling some of the most popular sites in Taiwan with this trip. Start off with the urban attractions of Taipei, then head out of the city to explore the nature of the Taroko Gorge National Park, followed by the many intricate rock formations and scenic attractions of the east coast. Continue through tree museums, beaches, and historic cities before you ascend into the mountains of the Alishan region, then descend past stunning Sun Moon Lake before you return to Taipei.

7-day Taiwan Family Holiday Package
Family Holiday Package in Taiwan - 7 Days

Even the smallest members of your family can enjoy Taiwan on this week-long itinerary. With food- and art-based hands-on projects, beautiful natural landscapes, and even a theme park or two, your journey is sure to delight as you travel from Taipei to the shores of Sun Moon Lake, the Leofoo Resort, and Yilan region.