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I am passionate about introducing travelers to the places, things, and people of my beautiful Romania and its sister Bulgaria. My goal is to create joyful, lifelong memories for my travelers. I am thrilled to unveil a side of my home that is often different from the common perceptions of these two beautiful, hidden diamonds of the Balkans.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Cities of Romania, Danube Delta, Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania, Transylvania Castles, Castles Black Sea coast of Romania and Bulgaria; individual travelers, group travelers, events;"

How did you get involved in travel?

"About 20 years ago when my passion for travel transformed me into an adviser for other travelers."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"For me, all of my travels have been unique and special. Even in destinations that I've been to several times, I find unique experiences every time. I like to discover, ask questions, walk a lot, and have a routine of going more a morning in each destination. Probably one of the most powerful experiences I've had was when I scuba dived for the first time in Sharm El Sheckh. The underwater world there was really impressive."

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Sunset on the Danube Delta
Danube Delta Escape - 3 Days

Spend three relaxing days in Sfântu Gheorghe on the Danube River Delta, where the views are stunning and the biodiversity is rich. Start in Bucharest, then head to the Black Sea. Go bird watching, try your hand at catching one of the more than 200 species of fish, and enjoy peace and quiet on the beach.

Sighisoara, the largest inhabited medieval city within Europe
Medieval History & Regional Cuisine in Romania - 5 Days

This unique 5-day tour highlights three of the best things about Romania: castles, medieval cities, and food.  Dine on traditional Romanian, Hungarian, and German cuisine in small village inns. Discover walled cities, ancient castles, and remote nature and forests. A highlight of the trip is a visit to Bran Castle—legendary home of the mythical Dracula.

Bran Castle, home of Dracula
Treasures of Romania - 8 Days

Spend 8 days exploring history, nature, and culture on this tour of Transylvania and Bucovina. Start in Bucharest to the Parliament Palace and the Old City center. Continue to the countryside, visiting medieval castles, small villages, and seeing the beautiful landscapes along the way. End the trip with a real treat—a visit to Bran Castle, legendary home of the mythical Dracula.

Bran Castle
Dracula's Bran Castle - Day Trip

Lovers of folklore and fairy tales shouldn't miss this day trip to Bran Castle in Transylvania, known for its links to the legend of Dracula. You'll enjoy a guided tour of the mysterious castle, as well as stops at the dramatic Peleș Castle and a champagne tasting at a nearby cellar on this cultural excursion.

Shepherd in the Macin Mountains
Hiking in Romania's Macin Mountains - 4 Days

Explore Romania's Macin Mountains on foot and by bike on this 4-day adventure. Thanks to its microclimates and vicinity to the Danube, over 50% of Romania's flora and fauna can be found in this region. Hike on mountain trails and look out for birds from the observation towers on the peaks. Bike through thick forest and go horseback riding in Macin Mountain National Park.

Discover Romania's Nature and Culture
Nature and Culture in Romania: 15 Days self-guided

There is so much to see in Romania, and this two-week trip offers a glimpse into a country and culture where the people's connection to nature runs deep. Explore charming medieval towns, visit the castle that inspired the location of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," and take a steam train ride through the countryside. You'll discover authentic villages straight out of a fairy tale, jaw-dropping landscapes, and carefully preserved traditions.