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I was born and raised in California and visited Israel a lot with my family and on my own and felt that there was something special about this small land with a very rich history. I decided to move to Israel after my studies and haven't looked back. I have since traveled to more than 20 countries, as still, I find that Israel is my home and always will be.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"As Israel is a small country we specialize in everything from the North to the South.
From highlights like Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, The Dead Sea, Golan Heights, and Haifa, to the more off the beaten path like lunch with a Druze family in their village or an off-road jeep tour. We fully customize the experience for our guests by learning about their background and interests. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"While traveling through, Europe, Asia and the Islands I fell in love with travel and felt that I had also to learn the "other" side, meaning more the logistical part and operations. I joined Tlalim Online and have learned how to operate large and small groups, as well as individual travelers. Every tour is different, with different needs and expectations and the goal now is to create the full experience for everyone who travels with us in Israel. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My first trip to Israel was the most unforgettable and has since become a benchmark in my life. I went on a 10-day organized tour for young adults and we toured every inch of the holy land. From surfing the Mediterranean waves in Tel-Aviv to meandering the cobblestone streets of the Old City of Jerusalem to floating in the Dead Sea. My passion for travel was ignited in Israel and I am so thankful for the experience."

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Desert Fortress Masada
Jerusalem, Masada & Dead Sea - 3 Days

Experience Jerusalem's ancient history and the beautiful nature of the Judean Desert on this short and sweet 3-day itinerary. Visit the Tomb of King David and stroll through an open-air market, see the Dead Sea Scrolls, and take in the views from the hilltop Masa fortress. End your trip on the Dead see to experience the rich minerals and world-famous salty water.

Dome of the Rock and Mount of Olives in Jerusalem
History & Religion in Israel - 9 Days

Dive deep into Israel's history and religion on this packed 9-day itinerary. Walk through the Old City of Jerusalem and see the City of David, visit the lowest place on earth and float on the Dead Sea, explore the Judean desert, and tour ancient religious sites like the Mount of Beatitudes and Megiddo. Round off the tour with stops at Safed to learn about Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) and a free day in the beach city of Tel Aviv.

Old City in Jerusalem
Family Adventure in Israel - 12 Days

From Jerusalem's old city streets to the underwater world of the Red Sea, this family-friend adventure is the perfect 12-day getaway. Explore the City of David and see the Western Wall and visit the ancient desert fortress of Masada and soak in the Dead Sea. End your trip in the modern city of Tel Aviv for ancient ports and snorkeling in the Red Sea.

Al Khazneh, Petra
Explore Israel & Petra - 6 Days

Explore ancient history and culture in Israel on this 6-day trip. Visit ancient synagogues and King David's tomb in Jerusalem, tour the ancient fortress of Masada, and let the healing waters of the Dead Sea soothe you. End your trip in Petra, Jordan's incredible desert city.