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Hong Nhung

Being the expert of South East Asia, my desire is nothing more than to share my experiences with others, and help them to discover their own love for travel. Particularly when it is the chance to introduce them the timeless charm of Vietnam - my country, with my best pride and passion.

No two people are the same, so no two trips we design are the same! Treating everyone in their way, not only being a personal travel designer but also a friend of them, and bringing them "once in a lifetime moments", this is what we aspire to achieve!

How did you get involved in travel?

"Travel become one of the essences of my life by accident, the very first work of my career. My major was Economics, and I had never had a thought of becoming a travel designer, nor knowing that travel was such an exciting aspect that changed my life significantly!

However, the first job, as I can compare, as my first love, is simply so adorable that I can't give up. I have learned about the five countries that our company focuses on, and become an expert of these destinations. It is the beauty and rich culture, nice people of the countries that encourage me to travel more and more, throughout Vietnam, setting foot on the SE Asia countries and also the North East Asia, to the lovely South Korea.

South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and of course, Vietnam are just a few of my favorite destinations, and my ambition is to continue to expand my travel map. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Having been travelling around South East Asia, I have never had such an exotic experience as the motorbike trip to Laos. A 9-day journey from northern Vietnam to northern Laos, riding through the mountain and panoramic passes, feeling the wind passing on your face and enjoy the flavor of nature.

Sitting behind the driver, I have the perfect opportunity to admire all the gorgeous scenery and capture them into my eyes, my mind and my soul! Sometimes we stop en route just for a nice corner for great photo shots, it could be an picturesque view of the valley from distance, or just a little ethnic girl carrying her baby sister on the way home. We save to our memory all the pictures of this tranquility, idyll of the highland locals in northern Vietnam.

Besides, what also made my trip is the charming Luang Prabang. I did fall in love with this tranquil town where I can ride my bicycle to explore the revered pagodas, go to the authentic local market to feel the true feeling of Laotians, stop by a local shop to buy some snacks even I just can say "Sabaidee" - Hello - to the friendly owner. It is the simply beauty of the local people that made me love Laos so much!

It's the start of an incredible journey, and I'm going to set foot on more and more destinations in this world!"

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