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Lucy (Thu Hang)

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I am specialized in Thailand and Vietnam; and a huge fan of culture, local food, scenic areas with pristine nature and amazing landscape."

How did you get involved in travel?

"Put feet on new lands, Meet new people, and Try new things to see beyond what are in front of my eyes are my main interests and my motivations . The job as a travel designer just came to me naturally. After my university years in the major of Finance, I went out of my comfort zone , I went on a 2 month road trip across Vietnam on a motorbike, and lived in the South of the country for a while doing some part-time job before hitting the road again. I was totally amazed by how diverse the landscapes were and how different other people were living their lives. I made friends with anyone on the road, enjoyed that time and the adventure that I was going on. Sleeping in my tent along the coast, waking to the chirping sounds in the pepper plantations, sipping my coffee by the waves on a secluded beach, I wished this journey would never end. That’s how I started where I am now. Working at Exotic Voyages, I found out with a help of a travel agency how travelers as me can travel better and explore more of the areas. That's how I have been working as a travel designer for years. I can do what I love and push it to the next level when bringing best value trips created with so much love, professionalism, and attention to details to my clients."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My first inspection trip to Thailand with my lovely colleagues at Exotic Voyages. We were together across the country for 2 weeks. I loved that time, always on the road, got to know more about the areas, went on exciting excursions, meeting smiling locals here and there, and had fond memories with my team during work hours and after that. "

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June is a wet month in Thailand. The rainy season arrives in full force and most of the country becomes affected by the monsoons, particularly along the Andaman coast. That said, the rain doesn't necessarily make it a bad month to visit. Rain showers, though fierce and heavy, don't usually last long this time of year—instead, they come in short bursts in the afternoons. Plus, the hotels are cheaper and the tourist attractions are much less crowded. 

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