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As an Operations Manager, my role is to plan our guests' trips, oversee that everything runs smoothly while they are travelling and monitor how they found their experience after their trip is over.

I get to ''meet'' our guests before they even arrive to Greece; from their very first email or phone call, we embark on a shared journey whereby we plan their trip together and customize it to make sure it meets their personal preferences; after all, what matters the most when you are planning your trip is that your itinerary makes YOUR boat float!

Through my role in operations I have been enjoying the whole process of sharing ideas, discovering new experiences for our guests, tailoring these to meet all needs and requirements, troubleshooting when necessary and organizing all those fine details that make one's trip come together!

What I love the most about this job is when I see clients leaving Greece with a big smile on their face and hearing them express that they can't wait to come back next year!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We specialize in creating customized experiences in a number of Greek destinations including the Greek mainland and islands; from Athens to Peloponnese and from Crete to the little Cycladic islands of the Aegean sea or the cosmopolitan islands of the Ionian sea, we offer a range of historical/archaeological, cultural, local and gastronomical experiences!

I look forward to planning your perfect trip soon :)"

How did you get involved in travel?

"When I decided to return to Greece after 11 years in the UK, I was determined to do something that would allow me to have direct contact with people but would also involve promoting Greece's natural and cultural inheritance and sharing this with travelers from all over the world! So last year I entered the world of travel by joining and have been enjoying it ever since!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"It is so difficult to chose just one travel experience as I feel that it is exactly the diversity and colorfulness of all the different experiences that is most unforgettable for me !

From being mesmerized by the starry night sky and glowing sea water on a sailing boat near Skopelos island to being left speechless by the futuristic & bustling Singapore; from galloping on a white beach with sea gulls flying above us in Ireland to swimming with a horse at a beach in Antiparos island; from swimming with 'Fungi' (a wild dolphin) in a remote cove near Dingle (a small fishing Irish village) in the middle of February to washing and feeding an elephant at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand; from feeling the adrenaline of rock climbing above the lakes to abseiling in a quarry in the Lake District; from being smiled at by a sweet lady tending to her garden in a small local village to having a 'chat' and receiving a hand-made present from the respectable owner of an old shop in Japan (with neither of whom we spoke a common language!); from enjoying walking tours in Edinburgh and Budapest to ''hanging from the lips'' of a guide in ancient Delphi & Akrotiri...

Exploring this beautiful world is such a blessing and I intend to hold onto all the little memories that make it so unique!


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