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At one point in my life, I wanted to discover my origins in Croatia. I came back from Germany around 2007 to explore life and culture in the Balkans. I was offered a job as a guide for international tour companies and traveled to countries like Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and other surrounding places.

After some time I figured that Istria - the region which connects Slovenia and Croatia - has a special feeling to it. Here is where I settled down and started to organize tours.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We regard Croatia and Slovenia as the New Europe. Since 2013 both countries are part of the European Union. Where are we now? Are we Europeans or are we still in the Yugoslav Socialist mood? I guess it is up to you to decide. Join one of our New Europe Tours to see what's going on in the urban slavic cultural centres like Ljubljana or Zagreb. Try some of the international more and more recognised fantastic wines, truffles and olive oils in Istria. Cruise along scenic mediterranean rocky roads and discover the world-famous Croatian coastline and islands.

By the way, from 2018 you will be able to see what the Romans saw 2000 years ago at our Virtual Reality Walking Tour in Pula. Stay tuned!"

How did you get involved in travel?

"As mentioned, I came back from Germany and needed a job. This one paid well and it became more and more fun doing it. Now, I'm more in it than I ever thought I would be :)"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"This one is not an everyday experience and I will hardly forget this one: On a sunny summer day up in the Macedonian mountains (above 2000 metres) we were hanging out on a wide green open meadow while having a picnic. We were lying on some sheets we brought with us in the jeep. Suddenly we saw something moving somewhat around 200 metres aways from us on other hill. It seemed there was not only "one thing" but there were three animals slowly approaching. After they've reached our area within a distance of, let's say 100 metres, we figured that they were wild Šar Mountain Shepherd Dogs. They were huge! Almost the size of ponies. Two males and one female. They were beige in color, long locky hair, they looked beautiful and scary at the same time. The approached up to 10 metres and stopped. The silence at that moment was louder than ever :)

As we were still lying on the sheets and didn't move the dogs probably didn't feel they had to protect their teritorry. Suddenly the dominant male did one more step in our direction, turned around and pissed a whole load in front of us just to make clear who's the boss here. We all started to laugh out loudly immediately. We understood not to cross the mark. Sometimes it is very easy to understand somebody without words :)"

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