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Natalia Lumen

Born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, I was thrilled to co-found Ukraine Culture Trip, a tourism company inspiring cultural travel. The team that works with me in Ukraine is made up of talented and ambitious university students who have traveled abroad and speak English fluently. Having friendly, passionate city guides and organizers ensures that each traveler has an amazing trip.

I often find that the most memorable part of my travel is the cuisine experience (apart from people and location, of course). Finding that incredible restaurant with an authentic atmosphere, friendly service and mind-blowing food can be the defining moment of any vacation. I love exploring the newest, greatest restaurants and cafes across Ukraine and recommending them to our visitors!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Everything in Ukraine! In particular:
- Kyiv, our capital
- Lviv, a gorgeous town in Western Ukraine
- Odesa, a beach town in the South, at the Black Sea

Our team has also written our very own City Guides with Top 20 recommendations for cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, cultural experiences, activities, sightseeing spots, and out-of-city trips!"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I was exposed to international travel as a child living in Cuba, as a high school student studying in the US and as a university student in London, UK. Throughout my professional life I have continued to live around the world based in the UK, the US, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Singapore and broader SE-Asia, and traveling all over the globe for work and for fun. My passion for travel leads me to visit ~15 countries each year, and I've visited well over 65+ countries so far! "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"When my boyfriend first came to Ukraine, I surprised him with an overnight train and weekend in Odesa. Following a delicious meal of Khinkali and Hatchapuri at a local restaurant in Kyiv specializing in Georgian cuisine, we walked by the train station and I suggested we just hop on the first train we see (low an behold I had already booked a first-class sleeper compartment).

We relaxed and listened to some local music as the attendant served us tea and we watched the countryside rumble by during sunset before turning in for the night. 9 hours later, we awoke refreshed to the ocean breeze coming off of the Black Sea on a beautiful morning in Odesa.

The weekend consisted of many refreshing dips in the ocean during a summer heat-wave, countless cafe visits for local favourites, and a private sailing yacht one morning out around the coast with a bottle of Ukrainian Shampanski.

By the way, I remember all of the details to help you visit Odesa as well!"