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With a desire to work around people since I was young, I decided to study Tourism and start a career in this industry. With years working for a cruise ship company, I realized that combining my hobby, sailing, with my job it wasn't so far from happening, and this came when I moved to my next job, organizing, operating and monitoring sailing holidays for Contiki Holidays, a leader in 18-35 travel. My next job is taking this role into a complete new level, by introducing sailing to a much wider audience and by creating unique, flexible and innovative sailing experiences.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Racing sailing has been my hobby for the last 20 years, hence sailing is one of my fields of expertise. Exploring new destinations, and introducing new itineraries has been one of my favorite things at work. Skiing is another hobby, which for most people is unknown that Greece has actually mountains and snow at winter, and I'm keen in being able to expand Greece's reputation as a winter destination too. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I loved to travel since I was a child, and was lucky enough to get the travel bug at a young age, when with parents we had to move in foreign places. I love the interaction between different cultures, I love exploring and I love being around humans, that come from very different backgrounds."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"One of the experiences that is hard to forget, apart from all the people you meet while travelling, was one during some holidays with my girlfriend then and a good friend, which were planned just a day before getting on a ferry to sail to Amorgos island, Greece. This is where we spend the next 5 days, and all our money. So it was my girlfriend, who she had some money left and with a tiny budget for 3 people, we decided to extend our vacations, by making to a nearby island called Koufonissi. The beauty of this place was enough to make us miss the only ferry for the coming week, and we were forced to live with a budget of less than 10 $ per day for 3 people. I don't regret a single moment for extending our holidays, travelling to another place, and almost begging restaurant owners to keep us alive !!"

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