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Rachel Nolan

Born and bred in North Mayo, I've blazed a trail around the world in recent years. I learned French and Spanish, ran races, forged friendships and made memories, but to be honest, there’s just no place like home. And I believe with a passion that the secret gems along Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way are next to none when it comes to challenging your body and mind, and living life to the absolute MAX. I set up Rachel's Irish Adventures so I could invite travellers into my lifestyle to share my passions and really allow them to immerse into the Irish way of life.

As well as being an adventure racer, I am 101% passionate about whiskey!

I spent six magical years spent working in France and Ireland as a brand ambassador for the Jameson Irish Whiskey brand which injected a passion for whiskey into my blood, and it’s there for life. Now, I'm proud to be home in Ballina to spread the gospel of Irish Whiskey to the world. I love nothing better than imparting to others in a fun and informal atmosphere my knowledge and fervour for whiskey, its craft and its heritage on a tailor crafted Whiskey Appreciation Session.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Rachel's Irish Adventures offers bespoke tours throughout Ireland, from half day to 3 week long experiences. We have an 8 seater bus, 20 bikes, a luggage trailer with is also used for golf and fishing gear. Our base is in Ballina, Co. Mayo where my Mam runs Brigown Bed & Breakfast.
We specialise in cultural and outdoor experiences. This could be anything from walking, trail running, whiskey tasting, baking in the kitchen with my Mam, pulling your own pint of Guinness in the local pub, fishing and much more. All our experiences are tailored to your needs, it's your holiday and we are delighted to be part of it. "

How did you get involved in travel?

" I grew up in our Bed & Breakfast (Brigown) with my Mam so I guess hospitality and the love of culture is in the blood from a very young age. I've travelled and lived in many countries for 12 years and in 2015, I decided to come home to Ireland and put all my passions and experiences together and create Rachel's Irish Adventures. It's such a pleasure to integrate guests into our way of life and really get them off the beaten track to discover our beautiful country.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"For me every travel experience is unforgettable. I did a world trip solo for a year where I met outstanding people and did everything from motorbiking, bungee jumping to yoga and couch surfing. As I travel a lot for expedition adventure racing, it really allows me to get into the raw culture and beauty of a country. Most recently, I was in Belize and Guatemala doing a world series adventure race for 4.5 days non stop. For me travelling is not about ticking boxes, it's about the experience, the people and the culture. I want to feel part of it all and not just be another tourist and this is the core mindset behind Rachel's Irish Adventures. "

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