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I love to travel and to be honest I have not travelled enough yet, I dream about traveling the world. I know for sure that magical moments created are ever lasting for the heart. This can be magical moments with friends or family or nature scenerey. Nature has a true healing power and it is very important for our wellbeing to spend time in the nature.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialise in understanding the customers needs, and trying to fit their expectations with the reality. So that they will have a realistic approach towards what they can expect to gain from their travel. I also write the blog for NorwayInsight and feel free to read it to get some tips and hints about travelling in Norway and the world. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have always wanted to explore the world and have curiosity for the understanding of the world and all the great people living here, and the beautiful nature. I started working for NorwayInsight a around half a year ago. Travelling enriches our lives."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I don't think I can pick one exact unique experience, for me life is all about the people in it and the peace and calm we can find in living in a balanced way with nature. "

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Look for waterfalls as you sail through the Geirangerfjord on the Hurtigruten.
Norway Fjords Summer Tour - 14 Days

There are nearly 1,200 fjords along Norway's western coast and this trip covers the cream of the crop — Lysefjord, Sognefjord, and Geirangerfjord — using a mix of fun travel modes to amp up the adventure factor. These majestic gems provide the setting for activities like hiking, biking, and sea kayaking. You'll explore everything from tiny fjord-side villages to diverse cities like Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, and Trondheim.

Ferry through the Sognefjord to reach the city of Bergen.
Norway's Cities, Mountains & Fjords - 5 Days

This Nordic adventure covers several key highlights in a short amount of time, starting in Europe's fastest growing capital. Next, hike in Norway's mountainous interior before taking the scenic Flåm Railway towards the western coast. Finish with a ferry ride through Norway's longest and deepest fjord (Sognefjord) to get to Bergen—a colorful waterfront city surrounded by seven mountains.

Besseggen, Norway
Ultimate Guide to Multi-Day Hiking in Norway

Phone off, out-of-office reply on. When it comes to long-distance hikes, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better country than Norway. With cozy, for-public-use cabins dotting the hills and a landscape that just won't quit, this could be the excuse you've been waiting for.

The historic Bryggen district along Bergen's picturesque wharf.
Oslo to Bergen Fjord Adventure - 5 Days

This five-day jaunt covers a great deal of Nordic ground, visiting the country's two largest cities and its longest and deepest fjord. Start in Oslo before taking a scenic train and ferry to the fjord-side village of Balestrand. Continue north to Fjærland before getting on another boat—this time to Bergen, a historic wharf city and home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Sognefjord, nicknamed King of the Fjords.
Explore Bergen, Fjords & Waterfalls - 5 Days

This picturesque five-day itinerary hits key summer spots using various means of transportation for a true Nordic adventure. You'll start off in your home base of Bergen, the country's 2nd largest city (complete with a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and explore the streets and surrounding mountains on your own and with a local guide. From here, take two day-trips involving a scenic train ride, a ferry through the longest fjord in Norway, and a fjord cruise to nearby waterfalls — all while returning to Bergen each night to enjoy its restaurants and nightlife.