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I was born & raised on the Tibetan Border deep within the hidden Himalayas. After graduation in Kathmandu, I obtained my first job as a Sherpa. After a year of carrying & fixing tents on long mountain treks, I seized the opportunity to progress onto becoming a guide. Knowing the importance of English I studied hard in both Kathmandu and out in the field with the help of my international clients.

Today I am not only an incredible speaker of the English language but also recognized as being one of Nepal's premium Trek Leaders; visiting Mt Kailash in Tibet some 50 times. I regularly lead treks in Nepal & Tibet on a multitude of terrains and at altitudes reaching 6,000m. Being so passionate about my work, I assure that every aspect of the trekking/mountaineering experience is enjoyable & runs smoothly. Now I am more focused in the office advising our other guides and office staffs.

I lead the treks whenever necessary. I am in charge of the daily operations in the office. I can say that I have very deep knowledge about the Himalayas, being in this field for more than 14 years professionally and will definitely customize you a dream trip.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Tibet tour, Nepal tour and community trekking"

How did you get involved in travel?

"It was the year 1999, during my summer break, my uncle had asked me if was interested in helping him with his group en route to Mt. Kailash Tibet. I was only 16 then. With permission of my parents, I was really excited and nervous at the same time going to new place for the first time in my life!

That trip changed my life to the fact that! From there I have been going regularly whenever had break.

This followed me until my further studies in Kathmandu. After my studies, it has always been me exploring the new places in mountains or leading big groups to mountains, especially to Tibet. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"It was the year 2009; I was leading English family of 5 to Manaslu Circuit Trek. It’s their first family trip to the Himalayas. Children age 11, 14 and 16.

It all started with fun at the beginning with kids getting very excited about the trip. As we ascend gradually up, their son Mathew, age 14 with 6ft tall was slowly having tough time while daughter who was only 11 was enjoying the best time of her life.

I realized from my experience and safety training that it was not about the altitude sickness. Adding to that it snowed on the eve of our final climb of this trek. This left the family into confusion whether to continue the trek or give up and return back home. I had advice that they can do it. We were just a day from doing the last climb of this trek.
To my shocking; the daughter really wanted to continue while parents were not sure about it knowing the condition of the son. So we discussed for hours before we finally decided to do the pass. It took us double the time of actual time making it through the pass but we made it. And most importantly Mathew made!

After we made it to the pass, not only the parents but also bought me into tears. I did take the risk but it was worth it. I still remember the kids’ expression especially the daughter who never gave up.

This trip and the family will always be the highlight of my trekking life with full of life, emotions and love. We still keep in touch today and talk about the trip. "

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