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Snjezana Tartaglia Franetovic

Meridien Ten, beside a family business, is a group of professional, enthusiastic and passionate people focused on preserving and promoting local values of Croatia. Proud to say that at the same time we offer services at highest level regardless of the holiday package you choose.

We are based in Split, Croatia. Meridien Ten has been around for many years; it is the continuation of a four generation of family travel business tradition.

In last 10 years our work philosophy evolved in direction of individual approach to each of our guests, while one of the most important mission is to represent and show the best Croatia has to offer in a true and authentic way. Our office team, guides and our local partners/providers share the same value – passion for traditional and authentic Croatia – the Mediterranean as it used to be. This does not have to mean we don’t include modern elements on our tours!
Since we are travelers ourselves we know how it feels to travel to the unknown destination!
We are here to share with you what Croatia has to offer, in a unique, local and authentic way!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Croatia, foodie and gourmet tours, adventure travel, bike and sail tours"

How did you get involved in travel?

"As her parents work in travel business all their lives Snjezana was present in travel since she was a kid. Learning from them about foreign and Croatian cultures was very interesting. She started traveling at early age. Even she was saying she won't be in family business nor travel business after few years in Food industry she decided to join the Meridien Ten team. It was something new, creative, interesting and most of all something that came naturally. When she is not creating tours she plays with her kids and creates handmade jewellery , paints, different home decorations. "

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