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Sonam Pelden

I was born and bred in Paro, the cultural hub of Bhutan. There is much to love about Bhutan, but it's the simplistic, rustic and mystical way of the country that I enjoy the most. I personally want my guest to experience Bhutan, the way we locals do, not too fast paced, but rather slow and easy, talking in the rustic, untouched, pristine and spiritual essence of Bhutan. Time permitting, i often like to take the opportunity to lead my groups.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Handmade Holidays, Private tours, Small Groups to Bhutan."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I was fortunate to be exposed to tourism, pretty early in my life. My mum runs one of the first restaurant (Sonam Trophel Restaurant Paro) in Paro catering to tourist. It was due to my frequent interaction with tourist in my mum’s restaurant, I developed early on, a passion to showcase the unique attributes of my country. However, it was not until, my stint with Tourism council of Bhutan (worked as PR and Marketing Officer) and after traversing all the 20 Dzongkhag ( Districts) in Bhutan, that I realized that, I wanted to showcase my beautiful country to the world and that’s when I decided to join my father existing tour company as a travel curator."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Having had the opportunity to visit all the 20 Dzongkhag ( Districts) in Bhutan, with the Prime Minister of Bhutan in 2010, was a dream come true for me. One needs to understand that many areas in Bhutan is not accessible by vehicles and neither have hotels. This particular adventure/official tour, included treks to far flung places such as GASA, Merak Satken and traversing the remote villages of HAA valley by foot to the southern plains of Bhutan was profound, humbling and enriching. The journey made me realize, that the simplicity of this country and the people, is the most beautiful thing about Bhutan. Fun Fact: A stray dog followed me for my entire trek to Merak Sakten and I adopted him. "

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