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Tatialena Katechi

I was born and raised in Athens and originally I come from the beautiful island of Corfu in the Northwest of Greece. I have been travelling since I remember myself. Travel has been the most exciting part of my life. Not only traveling makes me happy but also meeting travelers that share the same passion with me. While I was studying literature , history and drama in the University of Crete, I was hosting people from all over the world, I was showing them around the island and I was sharing with them everything I knew about the Greek culture, mythology and history. After that I decided that I have to work in the tourism industry. My favorite phrase is " Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in Athens , the Cyclades , and Crete as I have lived and worked in all these places. I know the history and the myths of these places , my studies in Greek literature, history and language helped a lot as well, and this makes immediately everything more interesting. it is different walking around ruins and is different when you know what was in that place hundreds or maybe thousand years ago. I have been also working a Tour Guide and Tour Leader the last 3 years, specializing in walking, food and bus tours so I am here to give you all the kind of advice you need to make your stay in Greece a unique experience that you will never forget."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I first worked as an entertainer and Public Relations manager in various hotels . I really loved it and I really wanted to make everyone to have the best time they could. After I realized that tourism suits me and i started working as a Tour Guide in Santorini, and as a Tour Leader all over Greece and Europe. My first aim is to do my best to make sure that my travelers feel relaxed and enjoy their holidays to the fullest."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"One of the best travel experiences I had until now is when I worked as a Tour Leader in Central Europe. Afterwards I decided to travel on my own by train and by plane backpacking. I visited 12 countries within two months. Exploring all these countries, meeting completely different cultures and getting in touch with locals, made me realize that traveling is the best way not only to discover new countries but also to discover yourself. I returned back from this trip transformed, full of beautiful images, colors , knowledge and memories."