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To make a long story short, I truly believe that: "A trip to Costa Rica is a gift you give to yourself at the same time that you are helping to preserve nature and social peace" -Alex Herrera, March 2003.

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What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Advising and Customizing all of Costa Rica´s unique world-class accommodations, services, and destinations to your taste. Yet, if it cannot be done and done well for you we do not do it."

How did you get involved in travel?

"My brother Francisco and I were high school foreign exchange students in the State of Oregon in the mid-eighties. Upon our return to Costa Rica, we started serving visitors from all over the world with life-enhancing and mutually rewarding experiences for the visited and for the visitors. We are very dedicated 24/7 as you can see on our reviews and we truly stay up to date with what only is possible in Costa Rica at any given time. We also enjoy very strong connections with hundreds of key suppliers and communities' members which have naturally developed for over 30 years. They really help us to orchestrate our Unique Tachiz Handcrafted Costa Rica Itineraries."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Floating down the Dos Montañas Section on the Pacuare River along with Mr. Victor Monk from the Sierra Club in 1988 and enjoying the warm tropical waters as we ventured down the river passed primary tropical rain forest. Victor was over 80 at the time and he told me he did not know how to swim but he trusted the life vest. What a wonderful time and adventure. That night we had a Sierra Club meeting on the river bank and they asked me to give my view on Eco-Tourism. I did and then we rafted out the next day. I was 21 years old and I had just returned from running the Grand Canyon. The section Victor and I floated on our life vests was under threat for they wanted to build an electrical dam but we, the Costa Ricans, opposed it and The Pacuare River was then and still is one of the most beautiful rivers in the tropics. The creatures that inhabit the Pacuare River and its forest still have a home and hopefully, many people will continue to visit, experience, appreciate and enjoy this wonderful realm and many other unique ones here in Costa Rica."

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Luxury Costa Rica: Exotic Beaches and Tropical Waterfalls - 6 Days

In less than a week you'll get to visit two of Costa Rica's most stunning regions. This six-day itinerary you'll visit the cloud-forest region of the central highlands before heading south to the biodiverse wonderland that is the Osa Peninsula. Throughout it all, you'll enjoy horseback rides, waterfall hikes, and wildlife spotting all while enjoying luxury accommodations.

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Costa Rica Private Waterfall Hike and Luxury Eco-Adventure - 8 Days

Costa Rica is a ruggedly beautiful country whose natural highlights are best experienced on foot. That's just what this eight-day luxury vacation itinerary has in store in the form of nature walks and waterfall hikes. You'll also get to the visit the secluded beaches of the southern Osa Peninsula and enjoy a horseback excursion in the remote mountains.

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Exotic Wildlife and Luxury Adventure in Costa Rica - 9 Days

Only in Costa Rica, where unspoiled nature and luxury resorts exist side by side, can you mix adventure and pampering. This nine-day itinerary includes horseback riding through local villages, hiking along secluded beaches, and exotic bird-watching. And at the end of each day, you'll rest and recharge in the best hotels in the country.

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First-Class Costa Rica: Waterfalls, Beaches, and Wildlife - 11 Days

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, and to vacation here is to partake in a great ecological adventure. That's just what you'll do on this 11-day itinerary as you embark on nature hikes, bird-watching tours, and visits to tropical waterfalls. On top of staying in luxury accommodations, you'll also get a sense of the local culture by visiting family farms and working coffee plantations.

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Luxury Beach Hikes, Mountain Adventures, and Wildlife Tours in Costa Rica - 12 Days

There are few countries where you can enjoy a luxury vacation complete with eco-tourism adventures and immersion in the local culture. Costa Rica is one such place, and on this 12-day itinerary, you'll hike to tropical waterfalls, visit secluded beaches, horseback through the mountains, and embark on many wildlife tours. To cap the adventure you'll do some exotic bird-watching as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.

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Luxury Eco-Tours and Adventures in Costa Rica - 14 Days

This 14-day Costa Rica holiday covers the highlights of the entire country: tropical waterfalls, secluded beaches, exotic wildlife, and more. You'll travel from the north of the country to the south, from high-altitude cloud-forests to golden beaches. The icing on this great big tropical cake is that each night you'll be staying in the most comfortable luxury hotels and eco-lodges in the country.